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Choosing the best baby carrier for your newborn baby.

The good news is that most of the carriers at Carry Me Away are appropriate for use with a newborn!

Our quick picks for newborn baby carriers are: stretchy wraps and ring slingsShop all Newborn Baby Carriers or read on for more info!

Stretchy wraps for newborns

Stretchy wraps are especially lovely if you plan to wear your baby a lot, or if you have back/shoulder problems.

• offer two-shouldered support for mom and are extremely comfortable for wearing your baby a lot.

• stretchy wraps are slightly easier to “get the hang of” compared to woven wraps but still offer great support for mom and baby. The Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid is slightly less stretchy and can be used for back carriers, as well as with older, heavier children compared with the Moby.  On the other hand, the Moby, which most people use for about six months, is at a lower price point, making it a great starter carrier.

• You can easily breastfeed in a stretchy wrap.

•Can also be pre-tied, so baby can be taken in and out without re-tying. This is wonderful for the newborn stage when you will want to get baby in and out relatively quickly, especially if they are crying!

Check out the Moby and the Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid.

Ring Slings function similarly to pouches but offer greater adjustability.  A single layer ring sling is all you need for a newborn when starting out with babywearing.  Single layer ring slings are a bit easier to use in the beginning.

• Excellent for discreet nursing

• The extra material offers sun protection

• Infinitely adjustable and fit wearers of different sizes.
Shop for Ring Slings

Pouches are a nice carrier for a new mom because of the ease of use, although they are getting harder to find as fewer manufacturers make them now than in the past.

• super simple, you simply pop baby in and go.

• No adjusting necessary!

• Are decent for breastfeeding in

Check out Hotslings pouches.

If you’d like to be able to put your newborn on your back (yes it’s possible!), consider the Wrapsody Breeze woven wrap or the Kozy Carrier mei tai.

If you love the Baby Bjorn, consider the Pikkolo or the Beco Gemini. Both of these buckle carriers has similar functionality to the Bjorn, but have better ergonomic positioning for baby and can also be worn on the back as well as the front.

Shop all Newborn Baby Carriers



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