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Choosing the right baby carrier – getting started but not overwhelmed!

Different baby carriers are appropriate for different needs. There is a perfect baby carrier (or set of two or three) for your family.

How to choose a baby carrier for you, without getting overwhelmed:

1. Look at the pictures of different carriers in the Shop, and write down the ones you instinctively love. If you can picture yourself using that carrier (for whatever reason: you love the pattern, the overall look, etc), write it down.

2. Read the recommendations in the Learn section. Use them to narrow down your choices, based on your baby’s age, the climate, etc. Add any that clearly suit your needs that you initially left them out of your selection.

3. Now return to the Shop. Look only at the pictures of the carriers still on your list. Read the descriptions again and narrow down further.

4. If you’re still deciding between a couple of basic types (i.e. between a pouch and a Mei Tai), consider whether you may want both baby carriers, if they meet very different needs. Many people start out thinking they will find one single baby carrier to do-it-all, but often wind up with two or three!

Ultimately, the carriers that appeal to you aesthetically and functionally will be the carriers you use the most. There is no one “right” carrier, just what’s right for you!

Still stuck?  Please contact us for help or request a sling prescription!


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