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Compare Mei Tai Baby Carrier Brands

Choosing between Mei Tai Carriers

So you’ve narrowed down your choice and you know you want a mei tai carrier for your baby. Congratulations!

Both of the mei tais carriers we offer are great choices – that is why we sell them!  Either the Kozy Carrier or the Maya Tai by Maya Wrap will be a good option for use from your child’s babyhood (after 15 lbs) through toddlerhood and beyond. Both of these mei tai carrier brands offer a two-shoudered, supportive, secure carry and can be used on the front, side and back.

If you’ve fallen in love with a fabric or the overall look of either the Kozy or the Maya Tai by all means, go ahead and buy it. You really can’t go wrong with either one!

For those of you who are uncertain, there are differences between these two brands of mei tai carriers:

Sky blue Kozy Carrier Mei TaiKozy Carrier – the Kozy mei tai has the wider and taller body (17″x22″) fo these two brands. It is made from very strong canvas. The shoulder straps of the Kozy Carrier are 4″ wide and are lightly padded. The waist straps are unpadded. The curved, lightly padded top of the carrier provides support for an infant’s head and can be folded down for children who want their arms out.

Cool innovations:

  • Option of a pocket
  • option of extra long straps (good for larger people and special ties like the Tibetan or Lexi twist)
  • tiny little pocket on one strap fits a credit card or even a small phone!

The Bottom Line: The Kozy Carrier is known as the “gold standard” of mei tai baby carriers and is considered a classic in babywearing circles. The Kozy Carrier is our top recommendation for older/heavier children. It can also be used for high back carry with infants, which we do not recommend with the Ball Baby Mei Tai. Some wearers find that younger/smaller babies are overwhelmed by the height/width of the body of the Kozy Carrier. On the other hand, many people love the extra height and width for the coverage it provides.  The longer back is also great for “leaners” as it offers extra support.  The straps are worn on top of the shoulders.

Adelaide Maya Tai | Maya Wrap Maya Tai | Maya Wrap Mei TaiMaya Tai The Maya Tai mei tai carriers have a medium body (16″x18″) and a very different look and feel than the Kozy Carrier. We find the wide 6″ straps very comfortable and they never dig into our shoulders. The Maya Tai straps do not have (or need) padding. This carrier is not recommended for use with newborns, babies should be at least 15 lbs.  The Maya Tai has very long straps and is great for plus-size wearing.

Cool innovation: The wide straps of the Maya Tai Mei Tai and the “overall” fabric (instead of just a panel) make for a beautiful and comfortable carrier

The Bottom Line: The Maya Tai is our recommendation for the most comfortable front carry and the most comfortable hip carry. In fact, the Maya Tai is the mei tai we recommend for hip carries – the wide straps cup your shoulders and prevent the shoulder strap from digging. Some people find that the fabric cupping their shoulder is restrictive, and may prefer the Kozy.  We recommend the Maya Tai over the Kozy for plus-size wearers.





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