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How to make babywearing work for you.

We believe there is a right baby carrier (or two or three) for every family…

Follow these steps to get comfy in your baby carrier!

  1. Be sure baby is well-rested and well-fed before trying to use a new carrier.  It may seem that baby hates the carrier, when in reality he is just hungry or tired.
  2. Practice with a stuffed animal or baby doll before putting your child into a new carrier so you are comfortable with how to use it.
  3. Once your baby is in the carrier, start moving! Go for a walk, talk to the baby, pat them on their back and reassure them that being in a carrier is a good thing.
  4. Babies prefer different positions, so keep trying until you find what works for you and your child.  Don’t give up just because baby doesn’t immediately love the carrier.  With time and patience, she will! When I first got a sling, I tried a cradle carry with my son and he hated it. I almost gave up, but someone showed me a kangaroo carry, which my son loved.
  5. Try different carriers before giving up. What works for your best friend may not be comfortable for you, or for your baby.
  6. Wearing your baby shouldn’t cause discomfort. If you aren’t comfortable, seek assistance. Remember, baby wearing should be a fun and comfortable way to carry your baby.
  7. Although your baby may look uncomfortable to you, babies love to be scrunched up. It reminds them of being in the womb. If your baby is uncomfortable, they will let you know!
  8. Try to find other experienced baby wearers to help trouble shoot with you if you feel the carrier isn’t working for you.  Or contact us for assistance!
  9. Always use common sense when baby wearing. If you wouldn’t perform an activity while holding your baby, don’t do so while wearing your baby.

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