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How to wear your baby in cold weather and winter


Yes, it’s cold outside, but that’s no reason you can’t wear your baby! In fact, using a baby carrier in cold weather is a great way to keep both you and your baby warmer when the temperature drops.

Trust me, your child is going to be much happier (not to mention warmer) snuggled up with you than stuck in a stroller, no matter how many blankets you pile on.

If you’re ready to try babywearing in the cold and wet, here are the Sling Lady’s tips for keeping you and your baby warm in your baby carrier when it’s cold outside.


1.How to Choose the right baby carrier

Any baby carrier will add an extra layer of warmth and weather protection for your child.  We do recommend carriers with some adjustability – this allows you to get truly comfortable if you’re wearing a few extra layers. All have the ability to adapt to thick sweaters and coats.

Choose a carrier that is easy to get on and off. You’ll want to be able to pop baby out quickly if s/he gets unhappy.

**Our favorite carriers for cold weather babywearing are stretchy wraps (like the Wrapsody Hybrid) for newborns and buckle carriers for bigger kids. **


Wrap baby carrier

A wrap with some stretch in it is perfect for cold-weather babywearing.

For infants, we love a stretchy wrap because they are warm and snuggly and baby can curl up a little more instead of being splayed out on your chest.  A stretchy wrap can be pre-tied at home. Then you just need to pop baby in and go.

The Boba Wrap has enough stretch to let you, pop baby, in and out of the carrier without taking it off or to fit easily over your outerwear. Wear on your front under your coat with a newborn or on your back over your clothes with a toddler!

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

Buckle Baby Carrier

Tula Free to Grow

Buckle carriers are awesome for cold weather wearing.  They are fast and easy to use, and they don’t have to drag straps like a meh dai/wrap.

Tula free to grow is a simple and easy to use buckle carrier that you can use from birth without an infant insert. A great fit for all body types and easy to share between wearers, too!”

Cuddly fabrics keep baby cozy and warm! 

Beco Gemini’s fabric is lush and cozy. This carrier can be used from birth with the included infant pillow and is big enough to use with an older baby as well.

If you’re due in the fall you can use it all through the fall, winter, and spring.

Beco Gemini

Beco Gemini
Beco Toddler Carrier

Beco toddler works well in the winter and areas of cold.

if you need to take your toddler on a ski trip or travel to cold weather , you couldn’t use a stroller and had this to carry her around everywhere – it was a lifesaver especially as your youngest likes to unstrap at any given opportunity.

it is rated up to 60lbs and not as heavy as other carriers for this weight range. The waistband is very firm & supportive. You can carry your big kid easily and don’t hurt the back.

Beco Toddler is comfortable to wear
It is a cushy, thermal carrier. It hugs your kid with these soft cotton layers.
The Beco Toddler also comes with a small hood that can protect the kid from the wind and snow.

And Beco is the easiest to get the child in and out and adjust.

We also love the cute pattern.

BecoToddler exactly the best winter toddler baby carrier

Ring Sling

We also love ring slings, especially super cozy ring slings like the Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling !

Cuddly wrap fabrics, easy to take on and off. Choose the Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling for a lush and cozy carry.

You don’t need the regular carrier at all times, so this sling is a great addition,
Ring sling is great for the winter or indoors.
Easier to get baby in and out of than a buckle carrier and way less bulky.

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling is super compact so you can easily toss it in your bag, easy for on the go.and it’s super adjustable so you can get a great fit

It comes in handy when baby is crying and wanting to be picked up and you have things to do. It’s made doing errands a breeze.
you can wear it under winter coat as well and plop baby in undercoat on the way into places.

The material of Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling feels sturdy and of great quality, definitely made to last, perfect for fall/winter,

The colors of Hip Baby Wrap are fantastic!The CMW team really lovvve the beautiful colors!!

see more colors on Amazon

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling

2.Dress yourself and baby appropriately for the cold weather

  • Dress your child warm

Don’t pile on tons of layers on your child, as this can cause baby to overheat

.BabyLegs are a nice light extra layer to keep baby’s arms or legs warm, particularly if the baby’s sleeves or pant legs are pulled up by the carrier position.

If you are concerned about baby’s toes getting cold, consider placing some handwarmer packets into the feet of the baby’s snowsuit (making sure they don’t directly touch the skin)

Baby and Toddler Leg Warmers Leggings Kneepads


handwarmer packets

handwarmer packets

  • put your child in a sling or carrier, then put a coat on over both of you

The simplest way to carry your baby in inclement weather is to put your child in a sling or carrier in your front, then put a roomy coat on over both of you.

Be sure that there is adequate airflow around your baby’s head when you wear baby this way, and periodically check your baby as well.

  •  babywearing coats and vests

If you don’t have a coat that will cover both of you adequately, there are several babywearing coats and vests on the market that you might want to consider. 

Boba’s Babywearing Hoodie is a lightweight option for cooler weather but you’d want something warmer for very cold temps.


Another option is to wear your regular clothing for yourself and cover the baby and the carrier with a weather cover to keep her/him toasty and dry.

Weather covers bundle your baby from head to toe, with an elasticized foot pocket to keep little legs warm. You can snap a weather cover onto the straps of most two-shoulder carriers, including mei tais and soft-structured carriers, with children from newborn through toddler age. Many people also use them successfully with wraps.

Catbird Baby and Ergobaby both offer fleece baby carrier cold weather covers as well as water-resistant covers.

Ergobaby makes two weather covers (one is fleece and the other is water-resistant fabric) that can be worn separately or snapped together the ultimate in cold/wet weather protection. Shop Baby Carrier Weather Covers

3.Additional tips on using baby carriers in cold weather from our readers

We asked our Facebook fans for their suggestions for keeping warm and dry in inclement weather. Some of their suggestions:

Read More
Prep as much as possible ahead of time: wrap the moby, get the rails tight on your ring sling, or snap the waist belt of the Ergo. This will get the baby faster.
Read More
If shopping, either park near the door or by the cart corral to save yourself some time in the weather
Read More
Get a big umbrella!
Read More
Put baby into the carrier while you're still in the car. It makes things so much faster!
Tara Elizabeth
Read More
When it's raining, I borrow my husband's raincoat and wear it over both me, the baby, and our carrier. It keeps us warm and dry!
Read More
A big, cozy, wrap-around sweater helps when it's cold.
Tara Elizabeth
Read More
When it's raining, I borrow my husband's raincoat and wear it over both me, the baby, and our carrier. It keeps us warm and dry!
Read More
I have a Suze's KinderCoat that I absolutely love. I've hiked my 15 mo old daughter around Northern Europe in lots of wet weather and we both were toasty and dry in our carrier coat.
Read More
I have an ergo and bought a jacket large enough to wear around both of us!
Read More
Walk fast! 
Read More
Baby Legs underpants, overarm sleeves, just about anywhere, lol. Layers, layers, layers and extra changes of clothes. Also, a pair of baby legs for mom's/dad's arms so if your arms get cold you don't have to take baby off.
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Our thin Wrapsody Breeze wrap allows my coat to go over us both easily. Thin layers are much better than thick ones for my little over the heater.
Read More
I put a kid's coat in a few sizes too big over the outside of the sling then over my babe's arms.
Read More
I prefer to use a ssc (buckle carrier) in the cold so I can pop him in super fast.
Read More
In the cold, I don't go anywhere without my peekaru!

Stay warm out there! And speaking of warm, click here to read our suggestions for wearing your baby in hot weather and the water!

(Hot weather guide: How to wear your baby in summer)

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