How to Wrap a Baby - Advanced Wrapping Instructional Videos for Back Carries and more!

Posted by Laurel McCarthy | 06.11.2013
HOw to wrap a baby for beginners | Advanced Wrapping Videos

Back carrying in a wrap is definitely advanced babywearing.  If you are new to wrapping, please be sure that you have already mastered and are comfortable with front carries in your wrap.  Please also be sure that you are using a wrap that is safe for use on the back.  Woven wraps such as the Wrapsody Breeze (and many other brands) are appropriate for back carrying.  Stretchy wraps such as the Moby Wrap and Boba Wrap are NOT appropriate for back carries.  The stretchiness of these carriers makes back carries potentially unsafe.  The Wrapsody Hybrid wraps can be used safely on the back, as they are not as stretchy.

When learning any new baby carrier, but ESPECIALLY when learning back carries, always have another person available as a spotter when you are first starting out.  Practice over a bed or other soft landing spot until you are sure you have the carry down!

Thanks to Wrapsody Baby for these excellent instructional videos!  (By the way, if you’d like to have these for your very own, the Wrapsody Baby Instructional DVD is a great resource for a good price!)

Back Carries in a Wrap

Getting your baby safely onto your back (Shoulder Lift, Hip Scoot, and Chair Methods)

Getting your baby safely off of your back (Hip Scoot Method and Elevator Method)

Rucksack and Tibetan-Style Back Carries (aka Koala Carry with and without chest loop)

Back Wrap Cross Carry with Chest Belt (aka Piggyback with training wheels)

Back Wrap Cross Carry (aka Piggyback)

Torso Cross Carry (aka StraplessBack  Carry)

Rebozo Back Carry (aka Back Sash Carry)

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