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Perfect Fit Adjustors (PFAs) 101: what they are and what they can do for you!

Perfect Fit Adjustors (PFAs) are a nifty little feature on some buckle carriers that allow you to further customize the carrier for your needs.  They also simplify breastfeeding.  Buckle carriers we currently carry that have PFAs are Tula Carriers (both standard and toddler sizes), the Beco Carrier, the Lillebaby Essentials, the Ergobaby Adapt and the Ergobaby Omni.

What are Perfect Fit Adjustors?

PFAs are the small straps located where the padded shoulder strap meets the panel of the buckle carrier.  They can be used to shorten or lengthen the shoulder strap.

Shortening or lengthening the shoulder strap allows you to:

  • get a custom fit for wearers who are petite or who have a shorter torse
  • add additional length for bigger or taller wearers
  • bring baby in closer for a snug carry
  • easily lower baby to chest height for chestfeeding, then cinch up when done
  • give a wiggly child some additional room in the carrier

You may want to consider cinching (tightening) your carrier’s PFAs if:

  • baby is leaning away from your body or is hanging too lower
  • you are having pain in your shoulders or back.

Here’s a little infographic that pretty much cover it all!

What are Perfect Fit Adjustors and how can they help me?

Buckle carriers we currently carry that have PFAs

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