Ring Sling Sizing – what size should you get?

So you’ve decided you want a ring sling but you’re just not sure what size to get.  I hear you!  Ring sling sizing can be confusing, especially when different manufacturers using different naming conventions for their sizes.  Or their sizes only go up to XL, even though you’ve heard they are great for plus size wearing. Or they offer a “one size fits all” size and you’re wondering whether it will actually work for you.

The key to figuring out ring sling sizes

The key to figuring out ring sling sizes is to look at the length of the sling.  You may have to dig for it, but manufacturers should offer this information somewhere in their product details.  Don’t let the shoulder type confuse you – since ring slings are basically a long piece of fabric that wraps around your body, the length of that piece of fabric is the primary factor in whether and how the sling will fit.

Keep in mind that people have different preferences in the length of their sling as well.  Some love a very short tail so that there isn’t a bunch of excess fabric swinging around.  Others love the look of a longer tail or want to be able to use the tail fabric as a breastfeeding cover.

The first step when figuring out a new company’s ring sling sizing is to take a look at the “standard” sling size, is 72-74.”  Most one-size slings fall in this range and this size sling will fit a majority of wearers – the tail will just be longer or shorter on your body.

A simple way to gauge where the sling would fall on your body is to measure out a piece of string at the length of the sling, then wrap it loosely in the same way you’d put on the ring sling.  Let the tail of the string hang and that will give you a pretty accurate idea.

Example: Maya Wrap Ring Sling Sizes

Maya Wrap has created a nice visual of each of their ring sling sizes on the same model.  The model shown is 5’6″, 170 lbs., and she wears a size 14.

Maya Wrap Ring Slings Size Chart

Maya Wrap’s ring sling sizing is:

Small – 67 inches (170 cm)
Medium – 73 inches (185 cm)
Large – 79 inches (201 cm)
X-Large – 85 inches (216 cm)

Although the sizes seem as though they might correlate to shirt sizes, they actually do not.  The Size Medium fits most women and some smaller men.  Most bigger wearers will find that the Large fits well, unless you want a very long tail.  The Size XL is 85″ which is very long for a sling and should fit just about anyone. The size Small, on the other hand, is suitable mainly for very small and petite wearers.

Since pictures often speak louder than words, here are a few!

This mama (below) is 5’4″ and wears a 2XL top.  She is wearing a size Large Maya Wrap sling which as you can see is more than long enough for her to use the additional tail as a cover if she chooses.  This mama could likely size down to a Medium (or even a Small!) if she preferred a shorter tail.

Maya Wrap Ring Sling Sizing

This mama is 5’7″ and wears a 3X/4X top.  She is wearing the Maya Wrap ring sling in size XL.  She could size down to a Large if she preferred a shorter tail.

Maya Wrap Ring Sling Sizing

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