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Toddler Buckle Carrier Comparison Chart: Tula vs. Lillebaby vs. Beco

Toddler Buckle Carrier Comparison Chart

When it’s time to upgrade to a Toddler Buckle Carrier, which one do you choose?  Our Toddler Buckle Carrier comparison chart can help!  This chart compares our three Toddler Buckle Carriers: the Tula Toddler Carrier, the Lillebaby Carry On and the Beco Toddler Carrier.

Keep in mind that while the word “toddler” may bring to mind a little one just learning to walk (so somewhere between 9 and 18 months or so), so-called “toddler” carriers are actually designed for littles 18 months and up.  Many people find that their two and three-year-olds have trouble fitting into a toddler carrier if they are on the small side.  So there is definitely no reason to size up if your standard size carrier is working well for everyone!

For more on whether you need a toddler carrier, check out our article Do You Need A Toddler Carrier?

If you know you are ready for a toddler carrier and want to compare specs, here’s the chart!

PDF downloadToddler Carrier Comparison chart - Beco vs. Lillebaby Carry On vs Tula Toddler


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