How to Use your Boba 4G - Video Instructions

Posted by Laurel McCarthy | 06.06.2014

Looking for a instructions on using your Boba 4G carrier?  This set of video instructions covers all the Boba positions, including how to use the removable infant insert, how to front carry, back carry and how breastfeed in the Boboa and to remove baby from the carrier!  Bonus: how to use the extra features of the Boba, including the footstraps and the purse strap.

How the Boba Infant Insert Works

How to front carry in a Boba Carrier (babies 15 lbs and up)

How to back carry in a Boba Carrier (for babies 20 lbs and up)

Breastfeeding in the Boba Carrier

How to take your baby OUT of the back carry in a Boba Carrier

Check out the nifty purse/bag strap holder on the Boba!

Check out the footstraps on the Boba!

Using the hood on the Boba 4G

Check out the pockets on the Boba Carrier