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Wraps: What they are and why you want one!

Noa Wrapsody Breeze|Wrapsody Baby WrapsA wrap is a length of fabric that gets tied around the baby and the caregiver. There are woven wraps and stretchy wraps. Most stretchy wraps are great for smaller, lighter babies but some of the newer versions that include hemp are suitable for heavy toddlers as well. Woven wraps are great for heavier children and for doing back carries because they offer excellent stability. Both types of wraps offer the ability to nurse hands free. Wraps offer the most versatility of all carriers.

Why we love wraps:

  • Amazingly versatile and can accomplish basically any carry you desire
  • Offer truly hands-free nursing
  • Allow back carrying of a newborn
  • Can be shared by wearers of different sizes
  • They connect us to parents around the world who have been using “a piece of cloth” to wear their babies for centuries
  • A truly do-it-all carrier.
  • Wraps are wonderful for people with back and shoulder problems, or who may need to change positions frequently.

Not ideal for:

  • People who don’t want or aren’t able to spend some time learning to wrap
  • Quick carries or easy on/off (unless you choose a rebozo-length and keep it pre-tied)
  • Wet, muddy days
  • People who have any difficulty tying or untying knots


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