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Maya Wrap vs. Sakura Bloom: a comparison review

So you’re trying to choose a ring sling!   Carry Me Away offers two brands of ring slings, Maya Wrap and Sakura Bloom (both linen and silk) and honestly, they are both fantastic.  You will probably love whichever one you choose!  If you lived locally, you could just come on over, have some tea, try one on slings, and decide for yourself.  Since many of you don’t live here in Napa, CA, we asked Julianne from Mommy and Me Giveaways to compare the carriers, to help you decide!  Without further ado, here is Julianne’s review. 

Ring slings happen to be my “go-to” carrier as of late.  My daughter is getting a little big, so I don’t wear her often and when I do, I want something wonderfully comfortable yet quick and easy as well.  Ring slings are perfect for this.  Ring slings are versatile.  You can wear tiny newborns, big babies, even toddlers!  You can wear your baby in many different carries as well.  My favorite right now is the hip carry, but with tiny babies, I love the tummy to tummy carry.  My nosy girlie loved the kangaroo carry (front facing out) so she could see the world around her.  Nursing is also super easy in a ring sling, you can feed your baby and be hands-free!

First up, let me talk about the Maya Wrap Ring Slings.  Maya Wrap Ring Slings have a lightly padded shoulder and unpadded rails (the rails are the edges of the sling).  The open tail (the piece at the very end of the sling) has a built in zippered pocket.  This pocket is perfect for keys, cell phone, even a small wallet, so you can be truly hands-free with this sling.  They are made of beautiful, hand-loomed fabrics that are nice and breathable.  Maya Wrap Ring Slings are perfect for new babywearers with newborns up to 35lb toddlers.  They also come with an instructional DVD.

Now let’s talk Sakura Bloom ring slings.  Sakura Bloom is in one word: LUXE!  These ring slings are simple yet elegant and of course practical!  They have a simple gathered shoulder (which has become my favorite kind of shoulder for it’s comfort).  Also, Sakura Bloom ring slings are sewn from beautiful linens and silks.  I was able to try out a Sakura Bloom Pure Collection linen sling and a Sakura Bloom Simple Silk.  Both the fabrics are amazing but of course there are differences in them.  Linen is an easy to care for fabric that is naturally antibacterial.  Linen also wicks away moisture and dries wonderfully which makes this a great summer carrier.  The wicking property will keep both you and baby dry and comfortable.  The silk slings are made of 2 layers of Indian dupioni silk.  They are lightweight and breathable.  They also drape beautifully and fit to your body without stretching.  Silk is also an unbelievably strong material so it offers great support for your baby.  The only downside I found for the silk it that is was “sticky” and I had a slightly harder time adjusting it than the linen sling.

Thanks Julianne for the review!  Readers, I hope this helps you in making a decision between these two great choices in ring slings!  If you have any more questions or if I can help you in choosing your ring sling, please don’t hesitate to contact me


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