Our most popular baby carriers of the year!

Posted February 02, 2018
Inked Tula Carrier

Every January, I make a point of taking stock of the last year and doing some planning for the year to come.  Of course CMA is a huge part of this, so I’ve spent a good part of today looking at our sales for the year. I always love seeing “Best of” lists so I thought it would be fun to create one of my own.  So drum roll please….

The Most Popular Baby Carriers of the Year

Inked Tula Carrier

1. Tula Carrier

Our best-selling carrier was (once again) the Standard Tula Carrier.  This carrier is standing strong as the most popular carrier we have, and for good reason – it’s comfortable, fits a huge range of people (including petite and plus size wearers) and is easy to use.  Plus: so, so many cute prints!

Our best-selling print was Inked (our exclusive Tula print, shown above), followed by the Cacti .  Inked and Cacti were also the best-selling Tula Toddler prints.

2. Tula Coast Carrier

Our #2 best selling carrier this year was the Tula Coast carrier.  Coast Tulas are just like regular Tulas, but with a mesh center panel for coolness.  Coast carriers were especially popular with customer living in the Southern States, especially Florida, Arizona and Texas.  Coast carriers were also especially popular with hikers and men. The best selling Tula Coast print was Coast Foxgloves (both Standard and Toddler sizes).

3. Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier

The Tula Free-to-Grow, which debuted in the Spring, was another hot seller.  Apparently, everyone was as happy as I was to have a comfy carrier to use from birth with no infant insert!  I’m guessing the FTG may just outstrip the Standard Tula this year. The Play print outsold the #2 Blossom by just one sale.

4. Sakura Bloom Classic Linen Ring Sling

Sakura Bloom Classic Maple – a perennial favorite, the Maple Classic Sakura Bloom was hot once again, outselling all other Sakura Bloom colors by a mile.  The Maple with Gold rings, which came out this year, was especially popular.  In general, Sakura Bloom’s gold rings outsold silver by a long shot! Sakura Bloom Classic linens are a babywearing staple, and many wearers’ first sling.

5. Sakura Bloom Simple Silk Ring Sling

Sakura Bloom Simple Silks round out our top five list.  These are a favorite of babywearers but alas, not quite in everyone’s budget.  They are totally worth it if you can spring for it, though – the lightweight silk molds to your body perfectly and is awesome for littles ones but still supportive enough for a toddler.   Fleur was the top seller, followed closely by Delphine.