Product Description

We think silk is the perfect fabric for a ring sling: it is beautiful, lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear.

About Sakura Bloom Silk Slings

We love silk for its beauty, of course, but we reach for our silk slings again and again because of silk’s strength and ability to mold perfectly to the body, as though the sling was made just for you and your baby.

Silk is not just for dress up – silk slings look just as great with jeans and a tshirt as with your evening wear!  Plus, silk is machine-washable.  Please note that washing does change the look and feel of the sling (see product description for details).

Wondering how the Sakura Bloom silk compares to other SB fabrics?  Check out our handy Sakura Bloom fabric comparison chart!

Sakura bloom Silk Ring Slings details

  • a double layer of pure dupioni silk in a single color – supportive, breathable and drapes beautifully!
  • silk’s “grippiness” means it won’t slip through the rings, keeping baby securely snuggled against you.
  • machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle- line dry
  • fully reversible
  • designed to fit all body shapes and sizes

Sakura Bloom Silk Sling sizing:

We offer Sakura Bloom ring slings in 3 sizes:

Standard (size 3) slings are 74-75″ in length and approx 26-27″ wide.

Size 4 slings are 80″ in length and approx 26-27″ wide.

Size 5 slings are 85″ in length and approx 26-27″ wide.

How to care for your Sakura Bloom silk sling

Your silk sling is machine washable, but please note that washing it will change the texture of the sling.  Many people actually prefer silk after washing, but it definitely looks and feels different, giving a more matte or raw look to a silk sling.  To preserve the original sheen of a silk sling, we recommend a combination of spot cleaning and environmentally-friendly dry cleaning.

That being said, adding a bit of vinegar to your wash can help keep your silk sling shiny!

Hand Wash

  1. Unthread your sling.
  2. Fill a basin with cold water and add a bit of  liquid detergent. You want something free of optical brighteners and enzymes, Sakura Bloom recommends Soak Scentless.
  3. Gently swish your sling around for 1 minute. It may lose some dye, which is normal.
  4. Remove the sling and empty out the water.
  5. Fill the basin again with cool water, this time adding 1/4 c vinegar.
  6. Add sling – gently swish around for 1 minute.
  7. Remove sling from the water and gently roll into a towel to remove excess water. 
  8. Hang the sling to dry inside, and out of any direct sunlight. Silk can shrink a bit in the wash, pull on the sling gently to regain some length.
  9. While the sling is still slightly damp (dry is ok, too), steam iron on the hottest setting while gently pulling the sling back into shape.

Machine Wash

  1. Unthread your sling. 
  2. Wash it in your machine (alone, cold water, gentle cycle) with a little liquid detergent. Look for something free of optical brighteners and enzymes, Sakura Bloom recommends love Soak Scentless.
  3. Add 1/4 c. vinegar in before the last rinse cycle.
  4. Hang the sling to dry inside and out of direct sunlight. Silk can shrink a bit in the wash, pull on the sling gently to regain some length. Do not machine dry.
  5. While the sling is still slightly damp (dry is ok, too), steam iron on the hottest setting while gently stretching the sling back into shape.

*Keep in mind that Sakura Bloom slings are lovingly crafted from all-natural textiles, so just like a pair of black jeans or a colored t-shirt, each time you wash your sling, it may lose a bit of color.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 1.19 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 x 7.4 x 3.25 in
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Beige/Cream, Gray, Red, Yellow, Navy, Purple, Pink

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  • Liz (verified owner)

    Not my first Sakura Bloom sling but it was my first purchase from Carry Me Away. I chose Carry Me Away initially because of the free shipping but then realized they ship within a day and have promo codes for extra items. I plan on making an...other purchase from them this weekend and can't wait!
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  • Tara Saveski (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd Sakura Bloom, and while I always thought I was a linen girl, I am IN LOVE with pink sand! It isn't rough or beastly, it's soft right out of the box and the most gorgeous nude pink for summer! This was my first order from Carr...y Me Away, and honestly, I will NEVER order from anyone else. The customer service was hands down 5 stars, my sling came beautifully wrapped with a free carrying bag, and arrived in only 3 days. Best ordering experience ever, I will recommend Carry Me Away to all my babywearing friends! Thank you so much!
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  • Kaley (verified owner)

    I love my bluegrass Sakura Bloom! I just received it and am very pleased♥️ The shipping was fast and they package it so well and it's beautiful just like the product! I will forever order from this company, their customer service is awesome... as well. Thank you so much!
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  • Erika (verified owner)

    absolutely beautiful ring sling, so smooth, light weight and effortless to use even with my 19 month old. bought both the pink sand and the sea grass for when my baby is due in july and very excited to use it then aswell. could pick a con t...o this item what so ever.
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  • Lacy (verified owner)

    My ring sling arrived very fast and it is beautiful! Can't wait to use with my newborn. Will definitely purchase more from this company.
  • Tricia Minnick (verified owner)

    Sakura Blooms are my absolute FAVORITE ring sling, they're great from birth to toddlerhood. Carry Me Away is my "go-to" place to order from, their customer service is amazing. I always recommend these slings and this store to all of my frie...nds.
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  • Katie (verified owner)

    I love Sakura Blooms and it's great to have a local option for purchasing them. The silk SB's are SO supportive I comfortably carried my 4 year old in it the other day!
  • Lisa (verified owner)

    I was a little hesitant to get a silk sling because of the additional care the fabric requires vs. linen or cotton. But I have to say I love the support and grippiness more than the cotton and linen slings I've used. The silk is still easy adjust, and I find that the weight distributes more evenly with less fussing . My daughter also ALWAYS chooses the silk sling when I ask her which she'd like to go up in! I am a bit afraid of getting it dirty, but I'm sure that fear will dissipate with time, and there's an awesome tutorial on washing silk with vinegar in the rinse to help keep its shine. I'd say if you're looking for a sling for a heavier baby or toddler or one to up your outfit game, silk is it.
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  • Carolyn

    After doing lots of research I decided to order the sakura bloom silk ring sling and was thrilled when i found carry me away not only sold in the exact color i wanted but also offered the opportunity to return with full refund if i happened... to not like it. When buying such an expensive carrier i wanted to be sure. I received my order so much more quickly than expected and it was wrapped so beautifully. I love the ease of this sling (I can actually put it on myself without the help of additional hands) and I don't feel like i have so much extra bulk on. All in all I would definitely recommend carry me away to any mamas looking to buy a carrier. So many options, easy site to navigate, lots of resources available and so efficient! Would totally order again myself!
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  • Olympia T. (verified owner)

    Sakura Bloom ring slings are the absolutely best in function and beauty! I couldn’t be happier with mine (I have 3 in different textiles!). To top it off, Carry Me Away’s customer service is superb. Laurel, the owner, is so incredibly respo...nsive and she was quick to answer my questions via email. Thank you, Laurel!!
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