Sakura Bloom Ring Slings: Theory Bamboo


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Sakura Bloom Theory: bamboo kissed with a touch of linen

Sakura Bloom Theory slings are incredibly soft and silky right out of the box.   They have an incredible hand feel, and a lovely, fluid drape.   These super supportive slings are amazing for wearing heavier babies and toddlers!

Sakura Bloom Theory slings are thick and supportive, but also breathable due to their bamboo and linen content.  Their thickness does mean they can be a bit tricky for new wearers and lighter babies, so we recommend Theory slings for experienced babywearers and parents of older kids.

Subtle texture and incredible support make it casually versatile.

  • easy to use, and great for quick on/off
  • designed to fit all body shapes and sizes
  • mimics in-arm carrying
  • bamboo and linen

Care: hand or machine-wash in cold water (gentle-cycle if machine), hang to dry out of direct sunlight. While still slightly damp, steam iron on the hottest setting while gently pulling sling back into shape.

Wondering how Theory compares with other Sakura Bloom fabrics?  Check out our Sakura Bloom fabric comparison chart here!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 2.08 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 x 7.5 x 3.25 in
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Beige/Cream, Gray, Brown, Purple, Pink

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  • carolinekuhlman (verified owner)

    Love the company and care they took in shipping and wrapping. We love the actual RS, all except the wood burning smell. Scared, but going to wash it.
    • Sling Lady

      We've been hearing wonderful things about the bamboo, but you are not the first person to wonder about the scent! It should dissipate with time and use. :)
  • Stephanie Phelps (verified owner)

    This sling is lovely. Soft yet very supportive. The weave is beautiful.
  • Adrienne (verified owner)

    I got this brand at the recommendation of a friend who bought three! I went with the bamboo fabric because I thought it would be the softest. I have not compared it to the other fabrics but it is very thick, pretty soft, and of high quality.... Baby is not born yet so I don't know it feels with an actual baby but I can't wait to use! I didn't think that it smelled funny. Shipping was incredibly fast, and it was very well packaged. Would use this website again!
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  • AG (verified owner)

    I bought this in Eucalyptus for one of my best friends as a shower gift. It's gorgeous, the fabric feels great and I can't wait to give it to her! I have a silk Sakura Bloom of my own that I bought with my first a few years ago and I still ...absolutely love it. I'm temped to get a bamboo one for my next baby I love this one so much. Also, arrived quickly with thoughtful packaging, I definitely recommend! :)
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  • Lisa (verified owner)

    I got this sling as well as a silk sling, and I love them equally, for different reasons. The theory sling is beautiful--I love the thistle color SO much and the weave, texture, and shine are gorgeous. It is super soft and drapey out of the... box, and I did not notice a smell. I DID notice that it was more difficult to adjust than the double layer linen and silk slings, but if you are careful to keep the fabric spread evenly in the rings and tighten in the direction the fabric is coming from, it's not too hard to get the hang of. There are tons of videos that can help if you find yourself struggling. It has more stretch than linen or silk but the fabric is heavier, and I find that the result is a really comfy, cozy sling. It's THE BEST for snuggles before bed or if your child isn't feeling well. It's supportive and also WIDE--great for an older toddler (my daughter is 2 years old and 27 pounds). I also love that it can be fairly easily washed--I think you have to be a bit more careful than with cotton. I tend to use my silk sling when I'm going out and the Theory at home. I'm glad I have them both!
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  • Caitlin (verified owner)

    This is my second ring sling and I absolutely love it. I'm carrying a 22 lb 6 month old and the support this offers is absolutely amazing, particularly compared to my single-layer linen sling. I don't have any issues adjusting it, but it ...is very thick and a little more difficult than my other sling, so it might be harder to learn on than a thinner sling. But if you're looking for something that offers great support, this is it! I opted for this over a silk sling based on reviews I read here, on Sakura Bloom's unthreaded page, and because my baby had reflux and I wanted to be able to wash it easily. I couldn't be happier and highly recommend a theory sling!
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  • Janet (verified owner)

    I’ve owned several different ring slings in my bearwearing days. I’ve tried a lot of different brands and fabrics. I’ve always had a “take them or leave them” kind of attitude towards ring slings in general...until I tried Sakura Bloom’s Th...eory Ring Sling. Some of the babywearing lingo like “it’s love” and “perma-stash” come to mind when I think of my theory ring sling. I absolutely adore it and I couldn’t imagine my life without it! First of all, it feels and wears like a cozy blanket! It’s thick, soft, and oh so cozy! I don’t think I’ve ever worn a ring sling so “cushy”. It’s also incredibly supportive! I’m able to wear both my children in it with ease. It also stays put which I really love. Other slings I’ve used before started to sag after awhile but not the theory! It’s a champ! Despite being a thicker and heavier fabric, it’s quite breathable! I was able to wear it during 90 degree weather in comfort. But at the same time it’s the perfect carrier for the fall and winter temps. Even though I personally love this carrier and feel it’s the perfect fit for me, I don’t think it’s for everyone. I wouldn’t recommend this carrier for brand new babywearers or those new to ring slings. It can be rather difficult to adjust and it might become frustrating for someone who isn’t a seasoned ring sling wearer. Overall, I am so happy with the Theory Ring Sling from Sakura Bloom. I can’t wait to continue to make memories with my children while wearing it!
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  • Yesenia

    Ordered a sakura bloom theory and it shipped super quickly and would definitely buy from carry me away again!
  • Ashley McLeod (verified owner)

    I bought this sling for a baby on the way, so I have yet to use it with a child. However, at first glance I was surprised by how thick the material is! It definitely feels more like a woven wrap than the other Sakura Bloom slings I have own...ed. Overall, the carrier is quite soft, and feels like it will be very supportive even for a larger toddler. I will say it is slightly harder to work the fabric through the rings, so for a novice I would recommend starting with a linen or silk and purchasing a Theory later when you've had some practice and the baby gets heavier. For anyone skilled in wrapping or slinging, it should be easy enough.
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  • Jillian Graham (verified owner)

    This was my first theory Sakura Bloom and I love it! There is a bit of a learning curve with this fabric but once you learn to adjust it’s amazing!
  • Treana (verified owner)

    Great experience shopping from here! The layaway option is amazing!! Fast shipping! Love my ring sling! Will definitely be shopping here again!