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Quick and Easy Babywearing Halloween Costume Idea! Babywearing Rosie the Riveter

My babywearing Rosie the Riveter costume was one of my favorite Halloween costumes ever.  It’s simple and inexpensive to make, but instantly recognizable so you don’t have to go constantly explain to everyone what your costume is.  And of course, our girl Rosie would have *absolutely* been a babywearer if she’d had access to all the comfortable and easy-to-use carriers we have today!  Personally, I believe this Betty Tula Carrier would have been her DISO.

Costume basics: blue work shirt, jeans, work boots and a red bandana (I bought the fabric for mine at Joann’s).  If you can manage a 40sish hairdo peeking under the bandana, that’s even better (I found some great tutorials with quick google search).  Add red lipstick, load up the baby and you’re done!

If you’re looking for more Babywearing Halloween costume ideas, check out our collection over on Babywearing Halloween Costumes Pinterest Board– there are some fabulous ideas over there!

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