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Ring slings are awesome because…

Ring sling baby carriers are awesome!  They are super snuggly and offer so much comfort to both baby and wearer – these were always my choice for getting up with a crying or sick child in the middle of the night. They are amazing for quick carries – definitely my top pick for a quick Target run (even while nursing!) or cuddle before bedtime.  Ring slings are also super adjustable so that you can share them between two different wearers, even of different sizes.

The biggest reason I think ring slings are awesome?  This one single carrier can cuddle your newborn squish AND take your toddler (or even a big kid!) up for a ride.  This is because ring slings are a long length of fabric pulled through a pair of rings.  This makes them super adjustable and able to support your child as s/he grows.

Of course, babies and toddlers need to be held differently so you will want to use your ring sling in different ways depending on the age of your baby.  These positions are actually pretty similar to how you would normally carry your child – only now the ring sling is doing the heavy lifting!

For newborns (assuming good health and muscle tone) on up to six months or so, you’ll want to do a front carry.  Baby will be held high on your chest and the sling will wrap around them, pulled up to provide torso and neck support.  You can even wrap the tail of the sling along the top rail for additional head support.

For an older baby or a toddler, most people choose a hip carry (although front carries are fine too).  You’ll know your baby is ready for hip carry when you are naturally carrying them that way already (and when baby has good head control).

Check out the infographic at the top of this article for a good representation of how your ring sling can last you through your babywearing years!

Our favorite rings slings that really last and provide awesome support for both little and big kids?  Sakura Bloom Basics Linen and Sakura Bloom Simple Silk!  We also love Tula Ring Slings for wearing through toddlerhood!

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