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Monochrome fun for your little highness: Introducing the exclusive Royal Tula

How adorable is the new Royal Tula print?  I am a huge fan of black & white, and polka dots too.  The Royal Tula is the perfect combination of neutral and adorable, and it’s the perfect seat for your little prince or princess!

The Royal Tula has the sweetest polka-dotted crowns on a black background. The black and white color scheme saves it from being too cutesy and makes it easy to pair (or at least not clash) with your clothes. The printed fabric is all-over the carrier, including on the straps and waistband and the included detachable hood.  The webbing and buckles are black.

Royal Tula Carrier

This carrier would be so adorable with Where the Wild Things Are accessories or to go with a WTWTA nursery.

The Royal Tula was released on February 5, 2019 and is available exclusively at specialty retailers (like Carry Me Away) so you won’t find it on the manufacturer’s website.   The Royal Tula is available in the Free to GrowExploreStandard and Toddler sizes.  We still have all sizes in stock at Carry Me Away as of this writing.

If you are shopping for a newborn, I recommend the Tula Free to Grow.  It’s my favorite infant carrier right now – it adjusts easily so that you can use it with a newborn, and then with just a few snaps, change the settings to fit your growing child.  This carrier is a great fit for caregivers of all sizes, including petite and plus-size wearers.

Royal Tula Explore Carrier

If you want a carrier that faces your baby forward, but is much softer and comfier than the Bjorn, go for the Royal Tula Explore.  The Explore offers a truly ergonomic forward-facing position for your little one.  You can also use it on your front facing in or on your back.  The Explore it is softer and more flexible than the other similarly structured forward-facing carriers.

If you have a big kid, the Royal Tula comes in Standard and Toddler sizes as well.

Royal Tula Explore Carrier



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