Introducing the Sakura Bloom Basics collection: linen ring slings in gorgeous colors.

Posted by Laurel McCarthy | 18.09.2017
Basics Sakura Bloom | Sakura Bloom Basics Linen | Sakura Bloom Ring Slings

We just got in three huge boxes of the latest collection from Sakura Bloom: Sakura Bloom Basics linen.  This new collection of linen slings will replace their Classic linen and Simple linen lines, which are going away for now although we still have some in stock (they are already gone from the Sakura Bloom website).

Sakura Bloom has long been known for their linen slings.  Their linens have great texture, are cool to wear, look great both on the beach and going out to dinner and are easy to care for.  They are also known for switching things up, to keep their colors and fabrics current, or even ahead of the curve.

Until this release, Sakura Bloom’s linen lines have been:

Classic linen –  a single layer of a linen

Simple linen – a double layer of the classic linen, for extra support

Gradient linen – a very textured and airy linen weave, with lots of grip to it and a cool striped look

Chambray linen– a double layer of a lightweight linen – very smooth, softer out of the box than any of the above, with more subtle coloring

So…what are the Sakura Bloom Basics linen?

The Sakura Bloom Basics linen collection combines the Classic linen and the Simple linen into one line.  You can choose from nine colors (for the Fall 2017 release), between gold or silver rings, and between single and double layers.

The new name should also help diferentiate the linen line from the silk like (Simple Silk and Essential Silk) by having it’s own identity.

Choice of single or double layer.

The single layer Basic is a slightly heavier weave, so that it provides support in just the one layer of fabric.  The double layer Basic is a lighter weight weave, so that a double layer provides a ton of support and cush, while not being too heavy.   The slings are also hand-dyed and tumble-dried prior to packaging.  This makes the Basics just a touch softer and more broken in out of the box compared to the Classic and Simple linens, although the Basics will still get much softer with time and use!

I tried to capture the difference between the double and single layer fabric weaves in the picture below.  These are both Flax slings, double layer is on the left and Single is on the right.  You can see that the weave on the double layer is finer than the single layer weave.

Comparion of Double and Single Layer Sakura Bloom Basics | Basics Sakura Bloom | Sakura Bloom Basics Linen | Sakura Bloom Ring Slings
Flax Double Layer vs. Flax Single Layer Sakura Bloom Basics

Choice of ring colors.

All of the slings are now manufactured with both silver and gold colored rings.  SB introduced gold rings last Spring and they were a huge hit!  I myself love the gold rings – it made me love my favorite colors in a whole new way!   Of course, there were people who preferred the silver (brushed aluminum) rings and were disappointed to find that their favorite colors now came with only gold rings.  So it’s nice to see both choices available in this new line.

Sakura Bloom Basics come with a choice of silver or gold rings. Shown are Sterling with silver rings and Camel with gold rings.

Gorgeous linen colors.

The colors, of course, are stunning, but I’d expect no less from Sakura Bloom!

I’m seeing Camel all over the fashion bloggers pages this Fall, so I’m not too surprised to see a true Camel in the Basics fall collection!  I did my best to capture the true color here, although I think it shows even better in the picture above, where it’s shown with Sterling.

Camel: a true camel.
Currant: deep and dark, like currant wine.  So amazing for Fall!
Flax: this is very similar to the best-selling Maple linen
Juniper: a deep, dark blue green
Petal: a sweet, pale pink. A smidge darker than it shows in this pic.
Sage: gray with a hint of olive.
Sterling: a true gray.

Sage and Sterling are pretty darn similar, so I snapped a quick shot so you can see them both next to each other.

Comparison shot of Sage and Sterling Sakura Bloom Basics
Terra: rich, deep burnt orange

And for those of you who haven’t ordered a Sakura Bloom lately, they also recently re-did the SB box!  I love the cleanness and simplicity of the new look.  I do miss the presentation of the old box – especially the fact that you could open it from the top and have the sling all nicely presented.  But the new box feels super current, and I think the gold touches make it feel special.Sakura Bloom Ring Slings resdesigned box

Sakura Bloom Basics Linen

Sakura Bloom Basics linen slings are still sewn in the USA.

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