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Sakura Bloom Ring Sling Fabrics: A Comparison

Update: in the Fall of 2014, Sakura Bloom completely revamped and updated their line of ring slings!  Sakura bloom Pure rings slings have been replaced by the Classic line, while Sakura Bloom Simple and Essential (double linen) have been replaced by the Chambray line.  The Luxe line has been discontinued.

Sakura Bloom ring slings come in so many gorgeous fabrics that it can be hard to figure out which one to buy!  One of our most commonly asked questions is about the differences between the various silk and linen sling fabrics.  Today’s post, by Jill from Goodnight Mush, will  help you decide!  Jill is an avid babywearer and has tons of experience with Sakura Bloom slings.  She is awesome at describing and photographing them – I feel like I’m in the room with her looking at slings together.   After you read it, the biggest question left will be: which color should you choose?

Still, the single questioned I get asked the most is “which Sakura Bloom sling should I buy”. Never anything about nursing or marriage or cosleeping…haha!! Which is more than ok with me. I collect slings like some 8 year old collecting baseball cards. I enjoy talking about them!

I thought I would first break down the sling fabrics from lightest to heaviest since this seems to be the most important characteristic. Then I’m going to talk a little about the 3 different fabric options currently offered. The site has tons of info about how they are made and why they are so special..but I’m just going to talk from a users perspective of like “OMG! ITS LIKE SOOOO SOFT YA’ALL!” haha if that makes sense :)

*also please note, no I do not work for the company {editors update: in the Fall of 2014, Jill actually took a job with Sakura Bloom! } But I get asked almost daily on instagram something about the differences between the carriers and since I don’t want to bombard you with TONS of info on one simple question it’s easier for me to just send a link to this or direct you to my blog.



  • SINGLE LAYER LUXE (currently only available as a custom by request)

Perks to the lightweight:
Summer friendly, great to learn on and easily glides through the rings.

Perks to heavier weight:
TODDLERWORTHY, keeps them warm during the colder months, and much more support so easier on your back.

Now a little about the fabrics.


Sakura Bloom Ring Sling Pure Linen

This is a Pure Linen in Mint. No filter and natural light. This fabric is much lighter weight than any carrier I’ve ever held. I would compare it to an Ikea pillow case. I expected a drastic change when I washed it (on cold, followed by hanging to dry) but nope. Exactly the same. The only way to get this buttery soft like a favorite old t-shirt is by USING IT. That being said, the double layer linen is a hard one to break it, but once you do the pay off is huge. Cause its super supportive but feels floppy and cozy like going to bed in your husband’s shirt.


Sakura Bloom Ring Sling Silk

There are no words for how soft this simple silk sling is. I waited so long to wash it out of fear of what may happen. But with toothpaste and spit up on it, the time had come…AND OH. EM. GEE. It first of all became thinner. But no less supportive. It lost some of its shine, but not completely matte like the linen. And it got even more of those chunky little nubs that make it so recognizably silk. Justin wears it too and so it broke in really fast. This was the favorite before the Luxe came and stole the spotlight.


Sakura Bloom Ring Sling Silk

The silks come out of the box a little stiff. But that stiffness offers a lot of support. And that sense of “you’re not going anywhere baby!”. Where as my heart still stops everytime Mila straightens her legs and arches her back in the pure linen. I’m more likely to have my hand on her bum just in case with the linen. Where as with this silk I’m confident to do just about anything short of running or jumping on a trampoline. Its shiny and slightly slippery but like I said, its staying put.


Sakura Bloom Ring Sling Luxe

I had no idea what to expect with the Luxe. I knew what dupioni silk was like from my time as a bridal consultant..but hand crafted wild silk isn’t just laying around my house This fabric is textured all over. Not the random lumps but a constant fine texture through out. ITS STRONG!  this somewhat stiff but very supportive fabric has a unique texture almost like a micro-corduroy. It’s made of 101 different variations of the color. There will be a dark mustard thread right up against a pale buttercup yellow.


^ i washed it and got a much better photo of the color!! This also does the texture more justice. This sling is the favorite, hands down. Its a perfect middle of the road sling. Strong but thin. Beautiful and luxurious looking but a natural silk. Supportive but not too beastly. Breaks in easily. Im smitten.

To anyone who speaks fluent nail polish: This finish on linen is like a cream base. The finish on the silk is like a shimmer polish. And the finish on the Luxe is like HOLOGRAPHIC! or OPALESCENT! its a show stopper.

Lastly, here’s a link to the video I made comparing the different slings:

Jill is a Seattle based mother of 2 and babywearing enthusiast. She gives you a glimpse into her everyday life through honest story telling and photography on her blog


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7 Responses

  1. Hi there! Thank you SO very much for sharing this info and comparisons- really helpful! I’m curious if the Luxe was single or double layer? The yellow is just mouth-watering gorgeous!

  2. What would your recommendation be for the best all around sling? I want to carry a newborn, and sometimes my 2.5 year old(in a pinch).


    1. Hi Jennifer, opinions definitely vary on this, but for the best all-around sling, I would go for a silk sling. Both the Simple and Essential Silk slings are two layers of fabric – they are light but strong, and mold to yours and your baby’s bodies perfectly!

  3. I have a simple linen but my baby is now 18lbs and it isn’t as supportive. I also live in miami so heat is a major factor.
    Would you recommend a chambray or silk?

    1. Hi Amy! For support for a big kid, I think you’ll love the silk. It is so light and so strong at the same time! And many people prefer silk in the heat as well.

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