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Our favorite big kid carrier!  Best for kids two and up.

Product Description

Todder SpecsThe Beco Toddler Carrier

This carrier is recommended for carrying children over 18 months and weighing more than 25 lbs.  Perfect for babywearing a toddler or an older child.  Like all Beco carriers, the Beco Toddler straps can be crossed in back when wearing on the front.

The Beco Toddler Carrier is our favorite toddler carrier for big kids.  It has a larger panel, a deeper seat and cushier straps compared to our other toddler-sized carriers.  This makes it a great choice for wearing older kids, especially if you are wearing them on your front.

With generous straps and a waistbelt that goes to 59″, this carrier is a great choice for plus-size wearers.  Perfect Fit Adjusters  and the ability to cross straps on your back help get a custom fit.

The Beco Toddler is a great choice for petite wearers as well due to the ability to cross straps on your back when worn on your front.

Beco Toddler Carrier Details

Age: 18 mo+

Weight Range: 20-60 lbs

Special add-ons: Perfect Fit Adjustors buckles to customize your fit and make breastfeeding easy.  Toy ring for clipping a toy or paci to the carrier.

Material: 100% Cotton, Made in USA

Panel Dimensions: 17″ wide at base, 19.5″ tall from top of waistband to top of curved panel.

Waistband: 26″ -59″ with pocket on the waistband

Care: Machine wash, cold.  Air dry.

Includes: Attachable hood, attachable zipper clutch


Additional Information

Weight2.38 lbs
Dimensions13 × 9.25 × 3.6 in
Special Features

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Carrying Positions

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Color Filter

Black, Gray, Green, Aqua, Blue, Navy

12 reviews for Beco Toddler

  1. Alyson (verified owner)

    First off let me give you some background on me and my child. My son is a very large for his age kinda boy at around 30 lbs and only just 10 months he’s going through separation anxiety and and constantly on the go. I had an ergo baby carrier and a mesh Bjorn but those are only good till about 30 lbs and I could feel them losing support for me. Plus the ergos are really hot. My baby has always sweat from being in it, even as a newborn! It’s really hard getting everyday chores done when you’ve got a baby who throws a fit if you leave him in his PAC n play for more than 30 min and wakes up if you put him down in about 20 min. Not to mention my parents are leaving soon and my husband will be gone for over a month for work purposes. I began a desperate search for a stable toddler sized carrier as I’m basically inept at wraps. The moby is a lot of work for me?! I wanted a carrier that could hold as much weight as possible because my son is huge and I would like to use it for hiking also and get some use from it.

    The beco toddler is amazing! First off, the fabric is wayyy more comfortable being that it’s all cotton. I hardly ever sweat carrying him now and neither does he. 🙂 that’s a major plus in my book because no one wants to smell my mommy stink and his little boy b.o. If you’re familiar with how carriers work this will be a cinch for you to figure out. It basically works the same as all the other packs and carriers and takes half the time of a wrap. Which is, in my opinion, way more functional than wraps when on the go. The patterns are adorable! I’m a little bummed I missed out on the giveaways and contests for the new patterns though as I like those better than the peacock that I purchased. I’m pretty comfortable while wearing it too. It’s supportive which is nice for bigger kids and babies.

    The only cons I can think of are that their supply doesn’t meet the demand. I needed one of these urgently and was on a wait list for a while. You can’t exactly go to babies r us and grab one when you need em. Finally I was able to grab the very last one in stock again by pure chance as the print I wanted still wasn’t in stock and I randomly checked the other prints only to find that the peacock had one left and because of my desperation I snatched it up. The other con is I posted on beco’s Instagram and tagged them asking when they’d be getting more in to no answer. I realize I probably could’ve emailed directly, because the supplier is very timely and gracious via email but at the time did not know this and so when I posted on Instagram I was expecting a reply of some sort as most company instagrams will have some sort of customer service reply when tagged.

    All in all this is a wonderful product and a God send if you need something the way I did. I would’ve given 5 stars if not for the supply and demand issues. 😉 and as I said the owner of this site is very prompt and customer focused so if you email her expect a reply quickly.

  2. Nicole Netzband-Piggott (verified owner)

    We are very much a Beco family here at our house. We started by renting a Gemini and loved it so end up buying a Soleil when my son was 6 months old. My son has been carried in the Soleil from 6 months until now (21 months). I felt like the Soleil was beginning to be too short in length and the hood too small so I started trying toddler sized soft structured carriers. I tried a Toddler Tula and a Toddler Wompat but neither seemed as comfortable as the Beco Soleil so after wishing that Beco made a Toddler carrier I stumbled across their facebook page saying that’s exactly what they intended to do.

    It was hard to pick a fabric but in the end I decided on Mint Birch and I’m not disappointed. This print is very pretty but would suit a boy or girl. In terms of functionality, the carrier operates pretty much like it’s predecessors and is very easy to use. It’s much wider and taller than the Soleil but my 21 month old who wears aged 2-3 size clothes fits fine in it. He seems to sit a lot higher up my back in the Toddler Beco than in the Soleil so can see right over my shoulder.
    In terms of comfort, given that my son is 2 stone plus, this carrier offers a very supportive carry and suits different body types. I’m 5’4 and slightly built and my husband is 6’0 and built like a rugby player and this carrier works equally well for both of us. The straps and waist belt are really well padded.

    The carrier comes in a matching zip up bag, has a hood, a matching holdall bag and is numbered by the founder of Beco on the inside of the carrier as these prints are limited edition.
    Only criticism so far is that this is not available in the UK.

    Excellent service from CarryMeAway

  3. Sling Lady

    I have never owned or even worn a Beco before, so I was nervous. But this carrier is so perfect in the following ways:
    1. The canvas, the fabric panel, and the webbing are all soft and flexible right out of the box. It immediately felt so much more supple than my std Tula and I am the 3rd owner of that thing (in defense of the Tula, it was only manufactured in May and the other owners only wore it two or three times a piece. However, I am struggling to break in the Tula).
    2. It includes a snap on zippered pouch that is large enough to carry a cell phone, some small snacks, even a diaper and a few wipes. Additionally, it still has the built in pocket on the waist strap.
    3. I enjoy the freedom to choose if you want to cross the straps in the back or loop them over the arms for front carries.
    4. The chest buckle has three levels and the ability to move the chest buckle up a rung or down. I know all Becos have this feature, but it is important in my house because my husband is 6’3” and I am 5’6”. For whatever reason, he cannot handle the Toddler Tulas chest strap for back carries. It’s like that Mitch Hedberg joke: “Wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy, all day. Wearing a backpack and a turtleneck is like a weak midget trying to bring you down.” Just insert Toddler Tula in place of the backpack. He could not get it low enough to be comfortable. We are able to move the chest strap down to the lowest rung and he is so happy! Why don’t all carriers have that amazing feature?
    5. The darts that make the seat are much deeper/longer on the Beco than on the Toddler Tula. My 5 year old weighs 45 pounds and is 44” tall and he fits very comfortably in the Beco Toddler. We are excited that we will be able to use this carrier with him for a few more years.

    The only downside to this carrier is the same complaint that folks have regarding all buckles: it can be a little warm in the summer. But I guess I will just sweat through the summer and be thankful for the comfort and convenience of this amazing carrier.

  4. Juell (verified owner)

    This is my second Beco Toddler purchase (prior to the first, I had never worn a Beco before. I also own a Catbird Baby Pikkolo, a std Tula, and several wraps). I have a 5 year old (45 pounds and 45 inches tall) and a 3 year old (33 pounds and 36 inches tall). We like to hike and the boys get tired and whiny. The Beco Toddlers allow us to enjoy our hikes AND get some strength conditioning in. My husband particularly loves this carrier, because he is 6’3″ and can lower the chest belt into a comfortable position when performing back carries.

    You might think you will never need a toddler carrier. I use mine twice a day to wear the 3 year old to do kindergarten drop off and pick. I wear it to get somewhere in a hurry or to stop the 3 year old from picking up EVERYTHING in Whole Foods. Suffice it to say, it is a parental survival tool. A comfortable toddler carrier is well worth the money in my opinion.

    Laurel, the proprietress of Carry Me Away, has lightening fast shipping and very responsive customer service. This is the third carrier I have ordered from her and I will continue to frequent her business. I recommend her business to all sorts of people. Happy babywearing, everyone!

  5. Thera (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying Beco Toddler is Amazing!!!
    I’ve had K’tan, ergo, Lenny, Tula and now Beco. Not only is this the softest most snuggly carrier it’s by far the most supportive! I have a 20 month, 40 lb, 40 inches tall energy filled little dude who loves to GO GO GO!
    The cross strap option gives wonderful weight distribution leaving him feeling practically weightless!
    Love the hood option and the snap on pouch! The padding on the shoulder is nice and thick yet not bulky! If you have a bigger kiddo, this is the carrier for you!

  6. Shandrea (verified owner)

    I love my Beco Toddler “Cool” carrier! I have a 33 lb 2 yr old who convenientlhy likes to be picked up as soon as I start cooking and cleaning. And I can’t deny picking her up as much as I can. This carrier has helped tremendously!! I plan to use it as we go on walks and out shopping as well. Thank you Carry Me Away for the awesome and speedy service!

  7. Amber (verified owner)

    Recently recently my beco toddler cool. I am so far very pleased with this carrier. I haven’t used it in above 75 degrees yet to put it to the test. Fits us very well. My son requires a smaller seat with a taller back.

  8. Ryan (verified owner)

    As a dad, I don’t always fit in the same carriers as my wife. And I’ve struggled to find carriers that aren’t custom and hard to find. The Beco has been fairly awesome. There’s tons of shoulder padding, which for a guy like me with broad shoulders, means no webbing or ladder locks digging into my arm pits.
    The waist is structured enough To be supportive but doesn’t hinder my ability to reach my wallet nor does it push my pants down.
    And bonus points, the patterns are modern and fun without being cartoony
    My toddler is comfy, I’m comfy, what’s not to love?

  9. Kristina (verified owner)

    I am a pretty small-framed person, 5’1″, 115lbs. We bought this for my 3 year old daughter, who weighs 36 lbs, for a trip to Europe.

    The carrier is super soft and cushioned. While it didn’t fit my small frame very well, we bought it intending for my husband to be the one carrying her (and me carrying our one year old).

    When we put her in, she loved it! It had been years since I had carried her in a carrier, so she didn’t remember it. She loved being carried like her little sister.

    It was a cool day outside (60ish degrees) and she got cold without a jacket. I was expecting her to be warm against his body with the carrier against her as well. Guess not! Hopefully that carries over for summer!!

  10. Brandi (verified owner)

    First off, the amount of information and safety tips sent with the product was refreshing. I’ve worn newborns but never toddlers so I was slightly clueless on the differences.

    The product itself is well made, sturdy, and a lot easier than I initially thought it would be to hook up and get going. My son snuggles up inside comfortably and we can take our day hikes much easier now. 🙂

  11. Rachel (verified owner)

    We have worn the Beco Toddler carrier around town and the house for about a week, and we love it! My son enjoys it because the tall sides allow him to tuck his head down and cover his eyes when he gets sleepy. We love it because the straps are easily adjustable to fit both me (5′ 7″) and my husband (6′ 1″). The padding on the shoulder straps and wide belt give extra support so it is comfortable to carry him for hours at a time. The carrier is rated for 20 to 60 lbs.

    My son is very tall for his age, but still wants to be carried all the time. He also has a hard time napping when he is not in my arms. When he outgrew his Baby Bjorn, I started to panic. Seeing how fast he got too tall for his first carrier, I want to make sure that the next one we bought would last a long time. I also wanted to find a way for my husband to wear the baby to relieve me sometimes.

    We live in Houston, and the cool mesh has made it bearable to wear him even outside in the summer heat. The only downside is that the wavy pattern on the cloth can leave an imprint on his knees where they fold over the sides. A small price to pay for avoiding heat rash and overheating. I also enjoy the zipper pouch that snaps on the back. I put a diaper, pad, and small pack of wipes in it and don’t need to carry a diaper bag for a short trip. The pocket on the belt also helps me easily keep track of my wallet and keys.

  12. GBW (verified owner)

    We loved the Beco Gemini, and the Beco Toddler is a great upgrade for size. It’s bulkier and heavier — because it’s sturdier and can handle a bigger kid. It works the same way, though. We’ve already used it for hours while traveling, and our 18 month old (who is tall at 34 inches and 25 pounds) was comfortable. One thing that I didn’t realize (but makes sense) — you can’t use the Beco Toddler with a forward-facing toddler. The main options are holding the toddler on your back or on your front with the toddler facing you.

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