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Having trouble finding a buckle carrier that fits?  Try the Pikkolo!  Versatile, flexible and a great fit for petite and plus wearers.




The Pikkolo Baby Carrier is very flexible carrier that is ideal for parents who have tried other carriers and are having trouble finding the carrier love.

The Pikkolo is cross between a meh dai and a buckle carrier.  It has unpadded straps that buckle, with the option of a support belt to turn it into a more structured carrier as your baby grows.

We love the Pikkolo because it is incredibly versatile, with lots of wearing positions, and its slim-fitting design makes it a great fit for petite wearers.  With four carrying positions (and no need for an infant insert), the Pikkolo is quite customizable for different sizes/ages of children so it will carry your baby from birth to toddlerhood!

The Pikkolo baby carrier is a unique blend of a soft, structured buckle carrier (with buckle closures) and a mei tai carrier.  

Features of the Pikkolo baby carrier include:

  • Use it from newborn – 40lbs- no infant insert needed!
  • 4 carrying position:on your front, back, front forward facing, and hip carry
  • Adjustable base cinches down to 7-8′.  This allows younger babies to comfortably have their leg out.  It also accommodates front-facing carries while still offering proper support and positioning.
  • Shoulder straps taper from 3.5″ to 2.5″ for comfort beneath the arms in a back carry.
  • High-density, slow recovery foam in the shoulder straps is squishy-soft but maintains its shape.
  • Buckles attach to the center body and are dual-adjustable.  You can adjust them to remain on top of the fabric or off to the side.
  • A great carrier for anyone, but especially those who like the look and minimalist feel of a Meh Dai with the ease-of-use of quick buckle closures.
  • Includes stowable, attached sleeping hood and chest belt.
  • Recommended accessory: the Catbird Baby babywearing support belt turns your Pikkolo baby carrier into a more standard-style buckle carrier.

Want to compare the Pikkolo carrier to other buckle carriers we offer?  Our handy Buckle Carrier Comparison chart can help with that!

While the Pikkolo baby carrier is not for everyone, we highly recommend the Pikkolo carrier for petite wearers who have not had success with more mainstream options.

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Weight 1.99 lbs
Dimensions 10.75 × 8.75 × 3.5 in
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Black, Gray, Brown, Aqua

6 reviews for Pikkolo Baby Carrier

  1. Misty Cavit (verified owner)

    My husband who is 6’5″ and I I’m 5’6″ both love to wear our daughter in this carrier. We purchased the Pikkolo a week ago and have used it every day since.

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  2. Susan (verified owner)

    My husband and I both use the Pikkolo and love it! We love the option of having the baby comfortably face in or outward. The shoulder straps are also really comfortable and easy to adjust which makes babywearing easy.

  3. Sarah Knutson (verified owner)

    I personally bought my Pikkolo almost three years ago, now, because every other carrier hurt my back. I wish I’d had it earlier with my first child, and I’m so glad I have had it from the get go with my second. I love it so much I bought this for my best friend who is having her first baby in November. She and her husband are as active as my family is, and I know that they’ll love the flexibility of this carrier. I think the Pikkolo is the “best kept secret” in carriers!

  4. jacqueline_asw (verified owner)

    I was contemplating which brand, what size and which type of baby carrier should I buy until I discovered Pikkolo Baby Carrier. I simply love it because the panel width is adjustable depending on your baby size.

  5. Katie

    I love this carrier. It’s so comfortable, cute and easy to use. I love that this carrier can be used without an insert and does several different carrying positions. I’m only 5’0″ so I needed a carrier that works on a small frame and this is perfect. And this was the cheapest price I found online because the support belt came free.

  6. Judy (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this carrier. I am 4’11” with a small frame and had tried another buckle carrier but it was just too bulky for me. I also tried a couple wraps but they made me too hot and I didn’t feel that baby was secure enough and couldn’t get over how long and inconvenient the fabric was. I looked into Mei Tai’s but still wanted something a little more convenient. So that is where the Pikkolo comes in. It is the perfect blend between a Mei Tai and a buckle carrier. The shoulder straps are super comfortable and not at all bulky. I love that the base can be cinched down for my little 2 month old baby girl. This carrier will definitely get plenty of use as baby girl grows and I love that the support belt is offered for free! Shipping was super fast and the product boxes came wrapped in super cute tissue paper. Thank you Carry Me Away.

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