Drool & Teething Pads

Teething-Pads-Drool-PadsProtect your investment with our teething and drooling pads! We offer these nifty accessories made by several different manufacturers specifically for their carriers. However, most of these can be used with any soft structured carrier with standard sized straps.

Drool pads and teething pads protect the straps of your baby carrier from fading and staining caused by little ones chewing and sucking on the straps. They also allow you to wash your carrier less frequently.

All of our drool pads and teething pads are machine washable.

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  • Boba Teething Pads|Teething, Suck & Drooling Pads

    Boba Teething Pads

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  • Ergobaby Teething Pads|Ergobaby Carrier

    Ergobaby Teething Pads

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  • Yellow Zig Zag Suck Pads|Barti Boutique Teething Pads

    Barti Boutique Suck Pads

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  • Beco Gemini Bib | Beco Baby Carriers

    Beco Gemini Bib (Organic)

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  • Beco Drooling Pads|Teething & Drool Pads

    Beco Organic Drooling Pads

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  • Ergobaby-360-Teething-Bib

    Ergobaby 360 Teething Pad & Bib

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  • Bright Stripes Red Charlotte suck pads

    Red Charlotte Suck Pads

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  • Sale! Tula Droola Sucking Pads|Tula Baby Carriers

    Tula Droola Teething Pads

    $25.00 $16.99
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