Cold, Rain & Winter Weather

Cold Weather and Winter BabywearingWinter babywearing is less about the carrier than about the accessories! You can use pretty much any carrier for cold-weather baby carrying – you just want to make sure that you add layers to keep you and your little one warm.

We carry several different types of weather covers and babywearing clothing to keep you/your baby warm and protected in rain and cold weather. We especially love the Boba Baby Carrier Fleece Vest that can keep you both cozy.

If you’re wearing your older baby or toddler on your back, don’t forget a mirror so that you can keep an eye on them!

For more tips on cold weather babywearing, read our article: How to wear your baby in cold weather and winter

Meanwhile read on for a list of our favorite baby accessories for staying warm and dry during cold, snowy, windy and otherwise wintry weather!