Newborn Carriers

Stretchy wraps for newbornsCarry Me Away highly recommends using baby slings right from birth! The baby carriers and sling types listed here can all be used with newborn babies from birth to at least 6 months of age. Many of these baby carriers can be used for much longer, as well! However, if you are shopping for a carrier for a newborn, consider one of these options. There is an even wider variety of baby options once your baby has good head control (usually between 4 and 6 months of age).

Please note that this list has our favorite carriers for use with a newborn. This excludes carriers that require additional infant inserts. However, for families needing to make one carrier work from newborn through toddlerhood, you might also want to consider those carriers.

To learn more about the best carriers for use with a newborn, read our article here.

Quick carrier picks for newborns: we think every babywearing household should have a stretchy wrap or a mei tai AND a ring sling.

Please always check with your healthcare professional about your choice of baby slings and about the proper positioning of your child in the baby carrier, especially when using the carrier with a newborn.

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  • Beco 8 Baby Carrier | Beco Carriers | Beco Baby Carriers

    Beco 8 Carrier

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  • Sale! Grey Beco Gemini|Beco Baby Carrier

    Beco Gemini

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  • Sapphire Boba | Boba Carriers | Boba 4G Carrier

    Boba Carrier 4G

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  • Pearl Grey Ergobaby Adapt | Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier | Ergobaby Carriers

    Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

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  • Sale! Graham Cracker Hotslings Adjustable Pouch|Pouch Slings

    Hotslings Adjustable Pouch

    $64.95 $32.95
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  • Sale! Dundee Kozy Carrier Mei Tai

    Kozy Carrier Mei Tai

    $89.00 $66.75
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  • Blue Aqua Lillebaby Complete Airflow | Lillebaby Airflow | Lillbebaby Complete Airflow

    Lillebaby Complete Airflow

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  • Stone with Silver Lillebaby Complete All Seasons|Lillebaby Carrier

    Lillebaby Complete All Seasons

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  • tokidoki Space (black) Lillebaby All Seasons Carrier | Lillebaby Carriers

    Lillebaby Complete Original Carrier

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  • Dorothy Maya Wrap | Maya Wrap Rings Slings

    Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

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  • Charcoal Bamboo Moby Wrap | Moby Wrap Baby Wrap

    Moby Wrap : Evolution (Bamboo)

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  • Marina Moby Wrap | Moby Wrap Baby Wrap

    Moby Wrap: Classic

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