Toddler Carriers

Best child carriers for toddlersLooking for the best toddler carriers?  “Baby” wearing isn’t only for infants! If you’re reading this page, chances are you already know that a supportive carrier can come in handy, even well after your toddler is walking.

Yes, your toddler *can* walk but that doesn’t mean she *will* walk. And it certainly doesn’t mean she will walk in the direction you want or with the speed you need. Even the sturdiest kids sometimes get tired and need to be carried for a while. Any parent who has tried to hike with a young child knows a trail your child easily completes one day can seem an insurmountable struggle the next!

Note: Most of the child carriers we offer here at Carry Me Away are appropriate for children up to 35 lbs (with the exception of stretchy wraps like the Moby and Wrapsody Water Wrap).

So, if you already have a carrier that is working for you, by all means, hang on to it!

If you are buying exclusively for a toddler or an older child, however, here are our favorite toddler carriers for older children. We recommend having two toddler carriers – either a supportive ring sling quick on/off and a wrap or a buckle carrier for longer, more supportive carries.



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  • Sapphire Boba | Boba Carriers | Boba 4G Carrier

    Boba Carrier 4G

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  • Sale! Dundee Kozy Carrier Mei Tai

    Kozy Carrier Mei Tai

    $89.00 $66.75
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  • Blue Aqua Lillebaby Complete Airflow | Lillebaby Airflow | Lillbebaby Complete Airflow

    Lillebaby Complete Airflow

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  • tokidoki Space (black) Lillebaby All Seasons Carrier | Lillebaby Carriers

    Lillebaby Complete Original Carrier

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  • Dolly Maya Tai | Maya Wrap Maya Tai | Maya Wrap Mei Tai

    Maya Tai

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  • Sale! Fable Tula Carrier | Tula Baby Carriers | Tula Toddler Carriers

    Tula Carrier – Toddler

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  • Sale! Gabriel Wrapsody Breeze|Wrapsody Baby Wraps

    Wrapsody Breeze Wrap

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  • Anchors Away Carry On Air Lillebaby | Lillebaby Carry On Toddler | Toddler Carriers

    Lillebaby Carry On Toddler Carrier

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  • Sail Beco Toddler Carrier|Beco Baby & Toddler Carriers

    Beco Toddler

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  • Black Currant Chambray|Sakura Bloom Linen Ring Slings

    Sakura Bloom Ring Slings: Chambray Linen

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  • Seaside Elements Sakura Bloom | Sakura Bloom Ring Slings

    Sakura Bloom: Elements Linen

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  • Indigo Sakura Bloom | Sakura Bloom Slings |Sakura Bloom Ring Slings

    Sakura Bloom Ring Slings: Simple Linen

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