Back Carry

Baby Toddler Child Carrier for the back carry  Backpack carries are one of the most comfortable ways to carry your baby, toddler or older child. Our backs were made to carry weight – as your child grows, your body will thank you for investing in one of our comfortable, ergonomically correct baby backpack carriers!

While front and hip carries are wonderful for snuggling, back carries are amazing when you want to wearing your baby and get things done. Baby backpack carriers are wonderful for hiking, housework, running through the airport while holding your luggage, and while doing any activity where you need to be truly hands-free. You’ll also want to use a back carry when carrying an older child for longer periods of time – with the right carrier, you can tote even a 30 lb toddler comfortably on your back!

While pouches and ring slings can be used as baby backpack carriers for short periods of time, we here at Carry Me Away prefer two shouldered styles for back carries.