Baby Legs – the perfect accessory for your baby carrier!

BabyLegs-on-swingBabyLegs are a cute, practical way to keep your baby’s legs (and arms!) warm and protected from the sun while riding in a baby carrier, or any time. As most babywearing parents know, little baby pants often get scrunched up when baby is in a baby carrier. BabyLegs warmers cover that bare space between baby’s socks and pant legs. Plus they are super cute!Why you’ll love BabyLegs:

  • Makes diaper changing and potty training easier
  • Keep legs warm in strollers and baby carriers
  • Provide extra protection from hard surfaces and rug burn
  • Provide lightweight sun protection
  • Great for the diaper bag in case baby needs a quick change
  • Cute alternative to tights

BabyLegs fit toddlers and some kids too!


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