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Beco Gemini Baby Carrier|Beco Baby CarriersBeco Baby Carrier Authorized RetailerBeco Baby Carriers are some of our best selling carriers! We carry the full line of Beco carriers.

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Carry your Child from Birth to Big Kid

Between them, the Beco Carrier,  the Beco Gemini and the Beco Toddler carriers offer babywearing options that pretty much cover all your bases! Both carriers offer a secure, comfortable and stylish carry for babies from birth (7-8 lbs) through toddler hood. They both offer front and back carries in a variety of colorways.

Beco Gemini & Beco Carrier

Both the Gemini and the Beco Carrier are wonderful choices if:

  • you need a baby front pack or backpack for long walks, hiking, doing housework, and many other activities.
  • you need a baby carrier for traveling. Both Beco baby carriers make carrying baby along with all your luggage much eaiser. Plus, they can take you where no stroller would dare pass (think beaches, cobblestone streets, streams and mountain paths!)
  • you want a carrier that baby’s father will wear too. Dads and other babywearing men love the Beco baby carriers for their minimalist look and ease of use.
  • you want a carrier you can share between wearers of different sizes
  • you want a choice that can easily adjust to accommodate an infant and an older child
  • you are a petite or narrow-shouldered person who has found other buckle carriers too bulky
  • you find it difficult to reach over the top of your shoulders to connect carrier straps when front-carrying with other buckle carriers. Both the Gemini and the Beco Carrier allow you to cross the straps on your back, meaning you don’t have to be a contortionist to put them on yourself!

The SlingLadys Quick Pick Guide to deciding between the Beco Gemini and the Beco Carrier: if you need a forward facing carrier, go with the Gemini!

If you are choosing a carrier for a child 9 months or older (who doesn’t need to face forward), choose the Beco Soleil. It’s wider base and higher back offer additional support as your child grows.

For more information on the specifics of each type of carrier, please click on the categories below.

What customers say about the Beco:

“…I have no back fatigue – I have clean straps – and I LOVE it. I’ve tried a lot of carriers, and I wear a lot of carriers – and I think your carrier is one of the most comfortable carrier I’ve ever worn…” – Amy

“…easy to use, beautiful to wear…” – Jo

” I just wanted to tell you that I continue to be amazed with the quality and the cleverness of the Beco design. It’s so comfortable for me to wear, even for extended periods. Plus, I can get my squirmy daughter into a back carry in no time. I love the leg padding, and the adjustability makes it easy to pull the baby in as close as I need to. Thank you for creating the perfect carrier. I will continue to sing your praises to every other mommy I know.” – Robyn

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