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Annika Pikkolo Baby Carrier|Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier by Catbird Baby

The Pikkolo baby carrier is a unique blend of a mei tai carrier and soft, structured carrier (SSC) with buckles. The Pikkolo carrier comes in styles ranging from playful patterns to sophisticated neutrals. It is a great carrier for anyone who like the minimalist feel of a mei tai with the ease of use of a buckle carrier.

5 reason to LOVE the Pikkolo Carrier

  • Can be used from newborn – 40lbs- no infant insert needed!
  • The Pikkolo is the most versatile buckle carrier we offer, with 5 carrying positions: on your front, back, high back, front forward facing, and hip carry.
  • Hands-down our favorite buckle carrier for the hip carry!
  • Straps of the Pikkolo can cross in back, making this carrier easy to put on your front (no contortionist moves required to get the straps connected on your back!)
  • Can be used with or without the support belt for a lighter more minimalist feel or a sturdy, more supportive carrier as your child grows.

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