Sakura Bloom Ring Slings

Sakura Bloom Ring Slings | Sakura bloom Silk | Sakura bloom Bamboo | Linen Ring Sling

Sakura Bloom Ring Slings are beloved for their comfort AND beauty. Sewn from gorgeous linens, silks, and bamboo blends, these baby carriers are versatile enough to wear every day as well as on special occasions. Elegant, yet surprisingly practical: that’s the beauty of Sakura Bloom!

Sakura Bloom ring slings have a wide, gathered shoulder style which babywearers around the world love for its comfort and ease of use. They are available in linen (single or double layers), silk (double layers) and bamboo-linen blend (single layer)

Wondering how to choose between the different fabrics?

Silk is our favorite sling fabric for use from infancy to toddlerhood! Silk fibers are very short, which allows the sling to mold to your body perfectly without stretching. It envelopes you and baby perfectly, meaning you get the perfect fit every time. Silk is super supportive, breathes wonderfully and drapes beautifully.  And yes, it’s washable!

Linen is amazing as well but very different. Linen is naturally antibacterial and wicks moisture away from baby and dries quickly, keeping you both comfy and dry. Flax is one of the strongest natural fibers and again breathes beautifully. The single layer Basic linen sling is a great starter sling for parents of little ones. For those who find they need more support as their child grows, choose a double-layer Basic or the Chambray linen.

Theory slings are made from a bamboo-linen blend.  Theory is heavier than the other fabrics, but still very breathable.  Theory is incredibly soft, almost like a cashmere blanket.  They are a bit more challenging to use so best for wearers with some experience.  Amazing for supporting a heavy toddler!

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