Tula Carriers

Tula Baby & Toddler Carriers

CMA Exclusive Tula Carrier fabric

Beautiful stitching, gorgeous fabrics not to mention exceptional fit and comfort make the Tula Baby Carriers (and the Tula Toddler Carrier) a favorite for many parents.

Tula Carriers come in two sizes: Tula Baby Carriers and Tula Toddler Carriers (click here to compare dimensions). The Tula Toddler Carrier is the largest carrier we offer and is a wonderful choice for parents carrying older/bigger toddlers, preschoolers and even bigger children with special needs.

We love Tula Baby Carriers because:

  • the craftmanship is amazing! Tulas are beautifully handsewn by expert seamstresses.
  • the fabric is deliciously soft on all parts of the carrier that touches your baby
  • no dangling legs! Ergonomic design and padding on the knee openings provides comfy, wide seat.
  • great details make these carriers just what you always wanted: a storage pocket on the waistband (and another on the body of solid colors), large sleeping hood, super comfortable three-part waistband.
  • unique buckle on the top of each shoulder strap means you can customize the fit for your child
  • the Tula Toddler Carrier can fit even big kids!


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  • Inked Tula Carrier | Tula Carriers | Tula Baby Carriers | Tula Toddler Carriers

    Inked Tula Carrier (CMA Exclusive)

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  • Sale! Queen Koala Tula Carrier | Tula Baby Carriers | Tula Toddler Carriers

    Tula Baby Carrier – Standard

    $149.00$189.00 $109.99$189.00
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  • Sale! Zoology Tula Carrier | Tula Baby Carrier | Tula Toddler Carrier

    Tula Carrier – Toddler

    $169.00$199.00 $124.99$199.00
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  • Sale! Violet Finch Tula Exclusive|Tula Carriers

    Violet Finch Tula Carrier (CMA Exclusive)

    $185.00 $155.00
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  • Lalka Citrine Tula Ring Sling | Tula Ring Slings | Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

    Tula Ring Slings

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  • Sale! Mockingbird Sorbet Tula|Tula Woven Wraps

    Tula Woven Wraps

    $165.00$175.00 $119.99$129.99
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  • Sale! Tula Droola Sucking Pads|Tula Baby Carriers

    Tula Droola Teething Pads

    $25.00 $17.99
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  • Tula Infant Insert|Tula Baby Carriers

    Tula Infant Inserts

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  • Carousel Tula Mini Doll Carrier | Tula Mini Doll Carrier | Children's Doll Carriers

    Tula Mini Doll Carrier

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  • Sale! Secret Garden Tula Blanket Set | Tula Blankets

    Tula Blankets

    $65.00$69.99 $55.00$69.99
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  • Tula Carrier Free to Grow Extenders

    Tula Free-To-Grow Extenders

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