Stretchy Wraps

Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid Baby WrapWe think every new parent should have a stretchy wrap! The stretch in these wraps makes them easy to use (compared to woven wraps) and easy to get comfortable in. It is also possible to tie a stretchy wrap on once and then pop baby in and out without too much adjusting.

We offer two brands of stretchy wraps, which are really quite different. The Moby Wrap is a classic stretchy wrap. It is a starter wrap for those babywearing newborns up to six months or so. It is not recommended for the back. The Wrap Duo by Wrapsody is a water wrap that also works well as an everyday wrap for babies up to 20 lbs. Like the Moby, it is not recommended for back carries.

The Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid wrap offers the ease of a stretchy wrap but is much more supportive. This makes it usable on the back and also with babies up to toddlerhood!

If you need help deciding which wrap is for you, please check out our Baby Wrap Comparison chart.