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Tula Toddler: our most popular toddler-size carrier!  Super comfy and comes in tons of cute prints.

Product Description

The Tula Toddler Carrier makes carrying older toddlers ergonomic and comfortable for both of you!  The wide base and high back of the Tula Toddler Carrier means this carrier should be used with children at least 25 lbs and generally not younger than 18 months.

We love Tula Toddler Carriers for their gorgeous fabrics, craftsmanship, and the unique buckle on the top of each shoulder strap that lets you get a comfortable, custom fit for your toddler!

Looking for our Tula Coast carriers with a mesh panel for summer?

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Tula Toddler Carrier Description

The Tula Toddler Carrier is your next step up when your child has outgrown the Tula Standard Carrier (or other standard-size buckle carrier)

    • Tula Toddler Carriers can carry children from 25 lbs/11kg on up to 60 lbs! If your child is in a size 2T pant (lengthwise), s/he will *just* fit in the Tula Toddler carrier.
    • The Tula Toddler Carrier is not meant to be used with smaller babies or with an infant insert.
    • All Tula carriers come packaged with a canvas hood in the same color as the carrier straps!  The hood supports child’s head while sleeping, and provides some protection from the sun or wind, and helps with discreet breastfeeding.
  • Pocket on the hip belt for additional storage
  • Shoulder straps extend – this unique design allows for wearers of all sizes to share the same carrier; it also makes breastfeeding super easy!
  • Additional padding in shoulder straps and child’s leg area for extra comfort
  • Three section hip belt that contours around the wearer’s waist
  • Tula Toddler Carriers can be used for both front and back carries.  This carrier does not offer a forward-facing carry or a hip carry.  It is not possible to cross the straps in back.
  • No legs dangling!  Tula Baby Carriers offer a wide seat and support your child’s natural M position of baby’s leg and hips
  • Tula Carrier complies with the European Safety Norm EN 13209- 2:2006
  • High quality, 100% cotton with Oko-Tex Standard 100 certificate
  • Highest quality Duraflex buckles
  • Made in Poland and Mexico.
  • Machine Washable

Tula Toddler Carrier Sizing

The Tula Toddler Carrier is a big carrier!  Best for kids over 18 months- but some won’t fit into it until age two or more.  Wondering which size Tula to choose?  Go here.

  • Panel: 17.5″  wide and 17.5 tall
  • Hip Belt: 4.7″ tall
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs

Do You Need a Toddler Carrier?

Please note that Tula Carriers and accessories can only be shipped to the USA.

Additional Information

Weight2.1 lbs
Special Features

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Best Uses

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Age of Child


Carrying Positions


Age specifics

19-23, 2-3.5, 4+

Body Type

Narrow, plus-16, plus-18, recommended-for-petite-wearers



26-35, 36-44, 45+


Back Carry, Good For Hot Weather

Color Filter

Olive, Black, Beige/Cream, Gray, Orange, Yellow, Aqua, Blue, Navy, Pink


Tula Standard Carrier

Tula Toddler Carrier
Age range/weight of child

15-45 lbs (from 8 lbs if used with infant insert)

If starting with child over 25 lbs, consider the Toddler Tula

25 lbs and up

18 months and older, not recommended for newborns and smaller babies

Panel Dimensions

15.4″ (45cm) tall

14.6″ (37 cm) wide

17.7″ (45 cm) tall

18.9″ (48 cm) wide

Hip Belt4.7″ (12 cm) tall4.7″ (12 cm) tall
Weight of Carrier1.7 lbs (.80 kg)1.7 lbs (.80 kg)


67 reviews for Tula Carrier – Toddler

  1. Iana Duncan (verified owner)

    I love my new toddler Tula! I have standard size Tula as well, but was looking for more comfort on long hikes for my 22 months old baby. She was still fitting fine in standard, but didn’t quite had knee-to-knee position, and back panel wasn’t as tall as I would like to see anymore. I’m very pleased with toddler size, very comfy for my daughter.
    Laurel was very informative and helpful as well. Thank you!

  2. Carole (verified owner)

    I love my new tula! Awesome product with fast shipping! Couldn’t be better!

  3. Kate (verified owner)

    By far the coziest, most comfy toddler carrier! we’ve tried others but out toddler tula takes the win! and the urbanista (black) is just perfection! toddler little asks for her “buckle carrier” daily now!! love love love

  4. Theresa (verified owner)

    I LOVE my new toddler Tula! I needed something for a long oversea trip and Laurel was so helpful in making sure I got my Tula before I left the country. Regardless of what I buy next, I will not hesitate to purchase from her again. Could not have asked for better product or service!

  5. Bethany Blake

    Amazing! Thank you!

  6. Jonell

    My new Tula Toddler carrier is AWESOME! I LOVE it. I was completely surprised by how easy it was to put on, and by how comfortable it was to carry around my son. His weight is dispersed so nicely – it’s absolutely a breeze to carry him around in it. Tula designers really thought about everything…every detail of the carrier is well executed. I will also add that the customer service and overall help provided by Laurel was outstanding. Not only did she spend time to (promptly) answer pre-purchase questions via email, she also went above and beyond to make sure I received my carrier in time for our vacation when there was a shipping issue with UPS. She was totally on top of it and worked with me to get me what I needed before we leave. The added bonus was in opening the box – the carrier was wrapped with care in bright, sunny yellow tissue paper with a nice packet of information and a “Thank you” card. How thoughtful and wonderful! If you want the best customer experience and highest quality products, order from Carry Me Away and get the Tula!

  7. lily abell (verified owner)

    I ordered the prepster toddler tula, it was love at first sight for our family , I thought that it would be a perfect fit for our 16 months old who is very tall for her age (32 inches tall and 23 lbs) but I noticed it semed to swallow her who body up, I should have gotten a standerd , but I got in touch with the store associates and they are just amazing , she worked with me the whole time and is actually in process of swapping to a standerd tula since my 30 days aren’t up yet. I have never met such a patience person who takes the time to make sure I’m 100% satisfied wit my purchase. Love love love ! Nothing but amazing store , most def with be ordering more from them very soon , highly recommend to parents.

  8. Angela Hackworth

    I absolutely love this carrier. I work full time and go to school full time while being a single mom so every time my son is with me, he wants “uppy”. This carrier is a wonderful way for me to give attention to my son while performing the necessary house chores. I will also have another child in my home soon through foster care so this carrier will get lots of use. Carry me away has given me this amazing opportunity to buy this carrier and I thank them so much for that. <3

  9. Magali (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase from Carry Me Away and my first Tula! It was probably one of the best purchasing experience I’ve had. Checkout was super easy with paypal. I was hoping I would get it before leaving town (4 days after my purchase), but not really expecting it. It was shipped quickly and arrived the day before we left, super fast for my small town! The packaging was perfect and, made me gush a bit. 🙂 well wrapped, in a strong, priority box. Instructions were clear, I love the little note that came with it. It made an online purchase feel personal, like I could have walked into a store and chatted up the owner! Thanks so much for this, the care the owner takes with these products comes through. I’m very, very happy with the Tula and this will be my first stop for my next carrier purchase, no doubt!

  10. Barb (verified owner)

    I am so totally pleased with my Tula. In the past, I never found SSCs to work well with my short torso. I have always preferred using a ring sling for wee ones and wrapping as they grew. My toddler has become more independent but when he needs up, he needs up now & isn’t happy about the idea. The Tula allows me to get him up & get him up quick. I cannot believe how weightless his 38 lbs is and how well his 3 year old long legs fit.

    Totally love it! Shipping was amazingly fast. I couldn’t be more pleased!

  11. Natalie (verified owner)

    Firstly, you guys were one of the only people still carrying my DISO the wave so that made up my mind to order from you immediately. I was so happy about the 2 day shipping. The packaging my tula came in was absolutely adorable I loved the tissue paper and the nice little envelop and everything it came in. Youve absolutely earned a loyal customer I will definitely be back.

  12. Ashley (verified owner)

    I absolute adore my Toddler Folk Birds! The carrier itself is fantastic, and fits my 2 year old like a glove. Definitely worth every penny!

  13. Serina (verified owner)

    I am extremely happy with my purchase. I’m writing this review from a cabin in the middle of a snow storm in Europe. We’re on a short vacation. I needed a carrier for my toddler, because he calms down immediately when I hold him. We had two air transfers at 2 different airports, took a 2 hr train ride, then walked to a car rental in the frost 1 block away with 3 bags. In extremely busy ports it’s safer & quicker for me to have my child next to me. He is going to be 3 tomorrow weighs >34 lbs, & is about 39″ tall. He’s completely normal. I carry him out of convenience & safety when I travel. I lost him at Kmart once, because he ran & I had to find him. The Tula Toddler carrier works. I carried him all over a city yesterday again for safety reasons as toddlers like to run like crazy & the city is a bustling place. I carried him for an hour in the carrier & have zero pain. Even after the traveling, 3 transfers, etc. zero pain. This is an excellent product & customer service is fast & excellent!!!! I would recommend this company & product to friends, family, & co-workers. My son always has a humongous smile on his face on each & every picture of him in the carrier that we’ve taken thus far.

  14. Amber Lubguban

    This was a fantastic carrier! Sadly it was too big for my daughter, but it got here super fast to upstate NY and it was incredibly soft and comfortable. I returned it and got a standard size but when my daughter is bigger I will definite be getting one. Great customer service as well!

  15. moriah (verified owner)

    I was searching for a prepster every where. You all were the only ones that I could find that had it in stock. I bought a toddler since we already have a lil rascals standard. It’s soo much better looking in person. Shipping was super fast.

  16. Brooke M (verified owner)

    We love our toddler tula! My daughter is 2, we bought it for upcoming traveling and it’s been great. I have an old lower back injury and the carrier has great support for my back.

  17. Christy Gibney (verified owner)

    Love my new Tula. Great communication from this retailer. Fast shipping. Thanks for all your help!

  18. sarah (verified owner)

    Great product and great company to go through!! My little boy just melts as soon as he is put into his toddler tula carrier!!! The actual Tula site said it could take up to 2 to 4 weeks to deliver and they even sold out of the fleet print I wanted. I found Carry Me Away and they had the toddler tula in fleet and free 2 day priority shipping… I literally purchased it Thursday 745 p.m. pacific time and received it Saturday before 2 p.m. all I can say is wow for customer service!!!!! Two thumbs up for Carry Me Away;)

  19. Lori

    I absolutely LOVE this product! I was hesitant to purchase this as I am a small framed person, and my daughter is on the larger size. I have tried carriers in the past and was unable to use them to due the discomfort. I cannot say enough about the Toddler Tula! I have no problems walking around with her at all! The shipping was super fast and the associate I worked with bent over backwards to ensure the product arrived before we left on vacation. I am sold on both the product and Carry Me Away!

  20. Tara (verified owner)

    I love my toddler tula, and even better my son loves it too. We also got a couple of free roll up bags which work perfect for carrying the tula. Shipping was fast as well. All around happy with everything! Thank you

  21. Amy Howell (verified owner)

    I was thrilled when I opened my carrier! First of all, the shipping was free 🙂 Secondly, it was beautifully packaged with explicit instruction on how to use. Lastly, it fits comfortably and is made well. I’ve used it several times and with the help of my 6 and 8 year old kids I was able to get my 19 month old into it. I definitely need practice getting him in alone but I am sure eventually I will get the hang of it! Excellent product with excellent customer service!

  22. Amanda (verified owner)

    I just got this last week and I love it. We’ve used it every day since we got it. It was already soft and comfortable right away. I’m giving it a 4 instead of a 5 is because the hood completely detaches which puts it at risk for getting lost and it doesn’t have a thing for keeping my purse on my shoulder. We’ve tried lots of carriers and it’s hard to find one that has everything so really those are small things that don’t matter much in the long run. Most importantly, this carrier is big enough to go knee to knee on my 3 1/2 year old. I’m only 5’1″ so finding a carrier big enough for her without being uncomfortably big on me is pretty cool. My favorite thing about this is the adjust-ability of the chest clip. It slides down to where it should be on me (way too low for my husband) but can also slide up to the perfect place for my husband (that would choke me) so we can comfortably share this carrier.

  23. Beth (verified owner)

    My 16 month old likes it! Very comfortable for both of us. Fits her great (she is 25 lbs and 33 inches). Purchased the blue zig zag print… super cute. When I front carry, I find the buckle across my back shoulder a little difficult to close on my own, but do-able. Overall, it’s worth the money in my opinion.

  24. Jessica (verified owner)

    I love this carrier! My 20 month old is super snug on my back and loves to take naps there. It’s easy to get on and off and it is comfortable. She squirms so much when I carry her but she’s very content in the carrier.

  25. Hanh (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a toddler Campy Tula from Carry Me Away. Customer service was awesome, and it was shipped very quickly. I couldn’t be more happy. Thanks!

  26. Katrina

    We love our Tula. My daughter is special needs, 21 mths, 28 pounds. We were going to get an ergo but the back was way too low for her and I didn’t want to risk her falling out. She was over the weight limit for front carry. We can’t do back carry because of her visual impairment and her need to feel safe. That is when we found the Tula she enjoys it and the part under her legs is very well cushioned. Love how much more room width wise she has compared to her Boba 4G. No legs hanging and better weight distribution. My back doesn’t hurt and I can barely tell I’m wearing her.

  27. Sarah (verified owner)

    We love our new Tula toddler carrier and so does our daughter. We have used the ergo for several of our children as toddlers and thought it was as good as it was going to get for a toddler carrier but as we prepared for a trip to Italy we dreaded the thought of carrying our 27 lb daughter around in it. Then someone told us about the Tula! What a difference.

  28. Amy G (verified owner)

    I have not carried my daughter since she was an infant (she is now 3 1/2), but I needed something for an upcoming trip where we will be hiking often. After reading about the various carriers for toddlers, I was directed to Carry Me Away. I loved the organization of the site, narrowing my choices down made it so much easier for me to choose the best carrier for me. I met with Laurel, tried on the Toddler Tula and knew that is what I wanted. We have used it once so far (it is super soft already too!) and my daughter and I enjoyed our first hike in town! Great product and company!

  29. Kelly (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this Tula! I recently bought one and then they released the Brave print, and just had to have it! So I bought a second! I love how my 1 year old fits in it, as well as my 3 year old!

  30. Kathryn Cavaretti

    We love our new Tula! So comfortable and beautiful!! Very quick shipping, beautifully packaged, and free gifts. Will definitely order from Carrymeaway again in the future!

  31. Alexis (verified owner)

    I love our new carrier! We have been using an Ergo, but had to pass it on to my SIL who has been waiting for it, so I went with the toddler carrier because my son is almost 2 and I wanted to try a bigger carrier for him. So far, so good. It’s super cute and comfortable.

    I also have to say I was amazing with Carry Me Away’s easy ordering, great selection (there was almost nothing left on the Tula site, plus long delivery times), super fast shipping, and beautiful packaging. I buy a lot of stuff used and so am not generally interested in packaging, but even I was impressed with the lovely presentation. Thanks so much!

  32. Kirsten (verified owner)

    I finally got my Tula! I had been anxiously awaiting for a toddler Tula to become available and Carry Me Away was wonderful to work with! I communicated back and forth with them, always receiving a reply within the hour, for a few weeks until they had the bliss bouquet in stock. I received our package two days later! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much:)

  33. kjazzlin (verified owner)

    This is my first tula and i love it! Carry me away had it in stock and it shipped incredibly fast!

  34. Thao Whealy (verified owner)

    Not very impressed with this carrier, especially for the price. The fabric doesn’t feel like it’s high quality. I tried to decide between this carrier and another one for a long time… I should have gone with the other one. Would not purchase again.

    • Sling Lady (verified owner)

      Hello, I am so sorry to hear the Tula Toddler did not meet your expectations! We really want every one to be satisfied with their purchase from us, so I hope that you will take advantage of our 30 day return policy to get a carrier you really love. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if I can be of further assistance!

  35. Amira (verified owner)

    I forgot to leave my review of my toddler Tula I purchased back in March. I absolutely love it! I had taken the Tula on my trip to London in April. My 4 year old loved it. She spent most of her time in as we went on our walks in the neighborhood. It really came in handy during large crowds. I knew she was safe on my back especially when we visited Buckingham Palace. I wish I would have gotten a Tula when I first had her. I will definitely get the standard one for my squish that is due in January 2016.

  36. Amber (verified owner)

    I love my tula toddler. I have been carrying my daughter in an ergo, but she is now 2 1/2 and feels way too big to back carry. I love how big the toddler panel is. I even back carry my almost 4 year old son with no problem and he doesn’t feel like he is going to fall out. This was my first purchase from carry me away. I did layaway, easy and fast shipping. Was received with no issues and all info was in a cute envelope with thank you card. Thank you for making an online purchase seem like a personable experience

  37. Stephanie Morris (verified owner)

    I purchased this for our 18 month old so when we fish and camp it’s a little bit easier than running after her while we get things set up. I wasn’t sure how she would like it since I have carried her in anything like this since she was 9 months. She loves it and so do we. It’s easy to put on and if my husband and I decide to switch whose carrying her it’s just as easy even when she’s sleeping. I’m so happy with our purchases!

  38. Kelci Nees (verified owner)

    Had a Tula on layaway and when I paid it off it was quickly shipped. I love it and will definitely order from Carry Me Away again.

  39. Jill B (verified owner)

    We took the Tula Toddler to Europe with us for two weeks and it was perfect. Our 1.5 year old got in the front and back carrying positions and didn’t have a problem sleeping either way. It was easy to carry her in front with my travel backpack of our clothes on my back. Our 4 year old also was easy to carry around in it, and provided lots of close mommy/daughter chats while she was in the back position. My hips did get sore after a bit with the four year old but never with the 1.5 year old. The back shoulder clip is hard to close when the child is in front, but with a little help it is easy to use and fun for all. I highly recommend this product!

  40. angela (verified owner)

    Love our piper! excellent customer service!

  41. Kelly (verified owner)

    I ordered the Toddler Tula after thinking about it for weeks. A new pattern came available and I went for it. I can’t believe how quickly it arrived! The way it was packaged with the card and tissue paper made it an extra special treat. We went to the aquarium that weekend and it was so nice to have the extra space. I have used an Ergo for the past year and a half. My son loves to be carried and it’s nice to know we can continue in comfort. A woman even shouted to me from across the street “I love your Tula!” 🙂

  42. Nicole (verified owner)

    I am completely in love with my toddler Tula. I am using it for a 37 lb 4 year old and it is simply amazing. Fits wonderfully, and I can tell we have much more time to wear it for as well. Even better, was the customer service experience from carry me away. I did the layaway option, and each payment was quickly updated, and anytime I had a question, which was quite a few times, I had a response within 24 hours if not sooner. I cannot say enough about carry me away, and would shop here again for a carrier in a heartbeat.

  43. Kim T.

    Great carrier and cute prints! I bought my Tula to replace my Ergo. I love the weight and size limits. My toddler loved being carried on my back during a recent hike.

  44. Alexis (verified owner)

    Overall the toddler Tula is great. I had been stuffing my 3 year old in a very well loved Ergo that had been through her sister first but it was really too small and not comfortable for either of us. And I hate wrapping with a woven over bulky coats in the winter. The Tula is very comfortable for both of us. In fact I had my 6 year old in it just for kicks and we both were comfortable as well! She’s only 36 pounds and small but still. It’s also less bulky than an ergo to fold up and shove in a backpack, which is what I do after I drop her off and then take the train to work. I give 4 stars instead of 5 because the straps are so long they are always flapping around and when I roll them up and secure them they often come undone. The straps that tighten the top rail of the carrier are a little hard to maneuver. Small things. Shipping was super fast and it came wrapped so nicely with a card and instructions. I would totally buy from here again!

  45. Alicia (verified owner)

    Tula: We got Equilateral and are loving it! It’s easily adjustable and so handy for my child who needs “uppies” in the morning when we make breakfast. We are a Tula family for sure!!

    Customer Service: I have nothing but glowing remarks to say about Carry Me Away and their customer service. The shipping was so fast and it was very well packaged. It made me really happy I impulse bought our Equilateral =)

  46. STEPHANIE (verified owner)

    I love shopping with cma! The package arrives all nicely wrapped. They are super nice if you have questions. An layaway is a breeze. This is my second layaway order and I was pleased both time! Keep up the good work!

  47. Brittany Wilson (verified owner)

    My first Tula is a toddler foliage. I am so amazed at how comfortable it has been to carry my 33pound 40 inch 3 year old in. My pervious carrier would make my shoulder sore, but this has so much paddling it’s hard to tell he is even there. I now get what all the talk is about

  48. Sophie Bibbins (verified owner)

    I love my new Tula toddler carrier. It is so comfortable and easy to use. Laurel provided excellent customer service when I needed it. I would recommend CMA to anyone who is looking to purchase a carrier.

  49. Emily (verified owner)

    Such a wonderful product. My almost-3-yr-old absolutely loves it, and it makes carrying him so much easier on my shoulders, back and arms. Carry Me Away shipped this to me super fast, and I couldn’t be happier. Many thanks 🙂

  50. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Loving my Tula goes without saying and I was thrilled beyond belief when I actually found the hard to find pattern I fell in love with!!? The prices were fantastic (YAY free shipping code) and I got my Tula fast!! Thank you Carry Me Away for such a wonderful experience!!

  51. April (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my tulas! Just got the toddler size and it came super fast. Was packaged nicely and not smashed into a tiny box like my first one (bought at another retailer:( )

  52. awenzl324 (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service and super fast turn around! I got my carrier within 4 days and was super happy with my overall expierence with Carry Me Away. I will definitely recommend it to others. Thank you so much for my first Tula. We are in love

  53. Deryn (verified owner)

    We love our new toddler Tula! It fits my 30# 2 year old so much better than the standard. And now the standard is all ready for her little sister when the time comes. Yay for tandem baby wearing! Additionally the service recieved from CMA is amazing. My local pickup ended up being a front porch drop off, totally unexpected and totally appreciated! Thanks so much!

  54. Melinda Buhl (verified owner)

    I got this toddler sized Toddler sized Tula last minute before a camping trip and it really saved us! My 27 lb 23 month old still fits in a standard, but it is so much more comfortable for us both at this point in a toddler. This print in particular is so beautiful in person, my fabric placement is perfect- and you have to love striped leg pads! I also love the grey waist and shoulder straps.

  55. Amanda (verified owner)

    I love this carrier. My toddler is about 32 pounds, and after about a mile of walking, he is shot! This carrier is so easy to bring along and use when I need it so I don’t have to carry him. It’s easy to use, very attractive, and he seems to like it just fine. I usually use it as a backback style, and it fits well and the waistband gives good support for the lower back and the shoulders are nicely padded too. I recommend this product.

  56. Anvil (verified owner)

    Bought a toddler size canvas Flora Blue. It looks amazing in photos and is way more amazing irl! It’s a beautiful print. I already have a wc and I find my baby sweats more in canvas. The area at the waist band is not as comfy as compared to wc as well. But all in all it’s a great brand and provides better support compared to other brands! CMA also has one of the best cs around ? will definitely purchase again! ❤️ thank you Laurel!

  57. Beckie (verified owner)

    Love my new Tula carrier. The toddler size fits my 2 1/2 year old perfectly and he really enjoys riding in it. Super fast shipping too… I ordered it late Saturday night and it came by Wednesday (California to Ohio). Very satisfied customer.

  58. Erin W. (verified owner)

    Thank you for being so easy to work with and for helping me get my very first Tula!!!!!!

  59. Amanda (verified owner)

    LOVe this carrier for my toddler son who is 18 months old and 35 pounds. I am still working to get the perfect back carry,since that is new to me and which is why I wanted the Tula carrier. But I love the carrier already it’s so light and is easy to use

  60. Elisa (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE the tula-toddler carrier! My son helped pick out the pattern and he was so excited when it arrived, he couldn’t wait to go on a hike with his new carrier. My son weighs 40 lbs and is 4 yrs old and he loves to go on hikes but he tends to get tired after awhile, so i went on a hunt to find a carrier that would still hold a toddler and we found the tula-toddler carrier. I am so happy with how strong and comfortable it is and i am so happy to be able to go on hikes now and not have to hurt my back with holding my son so often. its so easy to use and works amazing! I highly recommend this product to every one who has kids, especially to those who have never even carried before. Also my product was shipped rigth away and i had no problems with shipping and receiving.

  61. Saundra B (verified owner)

    Love this Tula and print!!!
    Shipping was fast and customer service was great!

  62. Valerie Sarro (verified owner)

    This was my first time purchasing from Carry Me Away and first brand new Tula! (Got my first from a BST page). I purchased a Toddler Daydreamer Winter Solstice, which was my DISO, and had been stalking many boutiques to find it. Luckily, Carry me Away had JUST ONE left, so I immediately added it to my cart and set up Layaway for it. The layaway option was a great option for me as I didn’t have the full amount readily available, but had enough for the “non-refundable deposit” and since this carrier print was my DISO, I couldn’t let it slip away. As made my final payment 2 weeks later and 4 days later my beautiful DISO carrier was here and ready for all the love!!

    I would definitely purchase from Carry Me Away again and highly recommend it to family and friends!

  63. Heather (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a Toddler Carrier in Zoology print. I was happy to test it out over this past weekend – my daughter loved it and both my husband and I found it very comfortable to use! My daughter is 13 months – 27 lbs and 32 inches – she fit well and will still have room to grow with this carrier. Laurel was great – everything arrived promptly and beautifully packaged. Excited for more baby wearing to come this summer!

  64. Brooklyn (verified owner)

    I love the Tula Toddler! My 2 year old loves it to. She doesn’t want to be put down lol. And I can war it for a long time comfortably. The only thing I would say negetive is I wish I could tighten the shoulders just a little more, I am also extremely petite. The size range is really impressive though. My husband is tall and pretty large and fits him with plenty of room. I WOULD recommend this Tula to anyone!

  65. Sophie Piper (verified owner)

    I love my Tula Toddler carrier! This thing is magic. Seriously. My two year old is heavy and wants to be held ALL the time. This carrier saves my back and my sanity. Plus, it’s super cute so it’s just a major win all around.

  66. Stacey (verified owner)

    Recently purchased this carrier in Inked (blue octopuses – so cute!) for my 21lb. 31″ tall 16 month old daughter. She wants to be carried everywhere and our other carrier was becoming too small. We have a vacation coming up, and I just don’t like the idea of having to drag a stroller everywhere. I started to research toddler carriers, and this looked like it would be the best constructed, with the least amount of things to fiddle with. Voila – we found the perfect carrier! I can’t almost tell she’s in it, because it distributes her weight so well. No tugging or pinching my shoulders. And she seems to be comfortable in it as well. Major win. I am telling everybody about these, it’s so great.

  67. Keisha Albertson (verified owner)

    I ordered the Bolt toddler Tula, and I am so pleased with it! Carry Me Away packaged it so beautifully, and I was very thankful for their layaway option.

    My son is 2, around 27lbs and has a long torso. He grew out of the standard only because he was leaning and I didn’t feel safe. His shoulders reach the top of even this toddler panel, and he is just knee to knee.

    Everyone loves the print and I keep it in my car for trips to the store.

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