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SlingLady Rx: Carriers for Lower Back Support

Dear SlingLady,

I’m wondering what baby carrier would give me the best lower back support? I am having problems carrying my 22 pound baby and need to find something that will take the weight off of my lower back and hips.

– Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,

Typically, I recommend the ERGO Baby Carrier for people looking for great lower back support. It has a padded waist belt that transfers the weight to your hips instead of dragging on your shoulders and neck (which can also cause lower back pain).

Since you mention wanting to have the weight off your hips as well, I also recommend baby wraps (like the Bali Baby line by Wrapsody) and Mei Tais (like the Kozy or Ball Baby Overall) are also very supportive in that they distribute the weight well over your body.   Wraps and mei tai carriers can be tied high up on your waist so that there is no rubbing on your hips at all.  Since your child is 22 months, I’d recommend a woven wrap or one of the mei tais, if you’d rather not go with the ERGO.

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