You Can’t Take a Stroller Here! 12 places a baby carrier can go that a stroller can’t…

I love a good stroller. I love any tool that helps makes parenting easier, and that definitely includes strollers! While I loved carrying my babies and wore them more than I used strollers, there are some occasions a stroller is perfect for (going jogging, for example).  But, strollers definitely can’t take you everywhere!

For fun and inspiration: 12 times when a baby carrier beats a stroller…

Grocery Shopping

Babywearing at Costco | Baby Carriers for Grocery Shopping

Juggling Bags at the Airport

Babywearing at the airport | Baby carriers for travel

In the Pool

Water Wrap | Pool baby carrier | Water Baby Carrier | Babywearing in the Pool


Hiking with a baby carrier

In the snow

Babywearing in the Snow | Babywearing Christmas tree

Climbing Stairs

Babywearing on the Stairs | Climbing Stairs with baby

At the Beach

Baby carriers at the beach

Doing the dishes


Bowling and Babywearing


Baby Carriers for Exploring


Babywearing while vacuuming doing chores


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CMA Reviews: Sakura Bloom Silk Rings Slings, by Janet

Today’s mini review of the Sakura Bloom Simple Silk Ring Sling is by CMA Team member Janet McKay.  After falling in love with my Sakura Bloom Theory Ring Sling, I was dying to try out the Simple Silk option! The Theory was thick, soft, super supportive, and comfortable. I loved it! But the Silk was […]

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CMA Mini Reviews: The Lillebaby Carry On Toddler Carrier

Lillebaby Carry On Review | Lillebaby Toddler Carrier Review

Today’s review is of the Lillebaby Carry On (a toddler carrier) by CMA Babywearing Team member Britta.  I was very excited to try the toddler Lillebaby out since I haven’t really used a Lillebaby before and I always get lots of questions about them since they are such a popular brand. Upon initially trying it […]

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CMA Mini Reviews: Soul Onbuhimo


This review of the Soul Onbuhimo is by CMA Babywearing Team member Stacey.  Stacey is wearing the Soul Onbuhimo in Frozen. Anyone else ever afraid of an Onbuhimo? I recall seeing this style of carrier at one of my first babywearing meetups and thinking “no way I can do that!” The Soul Onbuhimo is one […]

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Our most popular baby carriers of the year!

Every January, I make a point of taking stock of the last year and doing some planning for the year to come.  Of course CMA is a huge part of this, so I’ve spent a good part of today looking at our sales for the year. I always love seeing “Best of” lists so I […]

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CMA Mini Reviews: Sakura Bloom Theory

Sakura Bloom Theory Review | Sakura Bloom Reviews

This review of the Sakura Bloom Theory is by CMA Babywearing Team member Melinda.  Melinda is wearing the Theory in Willow.  I consider myself a total Sakura Bloom addict (ie I don’t think my husband actually knows how many I own 😂) so you can imagine how excited i was to try the Theory collection. I […]

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CMA Mini Reviews: Tula Free-to-Grow

Tula Free-to-Grow Review | Tula FTG Review

This review of the Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier is by CMA Babywearing Team member Amanda.  Amanda is wearing the FTG in the Imagine print.   This Tula is the best!!!! I am a huge Tula fan and have been using their products for almost 4 years now! I was so excited and curious when the free to […]

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CMA Mini Review: Sakura Bloom Chambray

Sakura Bloom Chambray Linen Review by Stacey

Another Sakura Bloom love story…Picking a Sakura ring sling can be difficult. They are known for their silk (which I love.) There are several linen options and their cozy Theory Bamboo line, but I kept coming back to this Chambray linen. The thread color combinations, the look, and support had me sold! Carry Me Away […]

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5 Great Baby Carriers for Gifting

Ask any babywearing parent what’s on their wish list and, no matter how many carriers they already have, chances are very high that they would LOVE another one.  Here are five carriers that are pretty much guaranteed to be a hit! For the Babywearing Newbie: Tula Free-to-Grow Tula Free-to-Grow Carriers are our number one choice […]

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