Inquire Free-to-Grow Tula Carrier | Tula FTG | Free to Grow Tula Baby Carriers

New Tula FTG print – Inquire

Tula’s Free-to-Grow carrier is rapidly becoming our most-recommended newborn buckle carrier.  The FTG’s combination of adjustability with Tula comfort is a win-win for so many babyewearers, especially those who want a baby carrier they can use from birth without the hassle and bulk of an infant insert.

We’ve just added a new colorway to our FTG lineup: Inquire.  Inquire has a deep maroon background, with white drops it.  Tula calls these “speckles” but since they are fairly uniform in shape, and generally tear-drop shaped, I think drops is a more accurate description.  As for the maroon, I would call it more brown than red.

I took a few shots of Inquire in the back yard in natural light.  Here it is hanging from our fence.

Inquire Free-to-Grow Tula Carrier | Tula FTG | Free to Grow Tula Baby Carriers

Inquire Free-to-Grow Tula

And here’s a closeup of the print:

Inquire Free-to-Grow Tula Carrier | Tula FTG | Free to Grow Tula Baby Carriers

Closeup of Inquire Free-to-Grow Tula

Inquire is a great gender-neutral print that should work for any babywearer wanting a neutral carrier that’s also a bit playful.  Like all Tula FTG carriers, you can use this carrier from birth through toddlerhood without ever needing an infant insert.  This carrier adjusts down for newborns and up through toddlerhood (7-45 lbs).  At its widest setting, it is the same width as a standard Tula.   Like all Tulas, the FTG is a great fit for petite wearers and plus size wearers alike!

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Introducing the Sakura Bloom Basics collection: linen ring slings in gorgeous colors.

Basics Sakura Bloom | Sakura Bloom Basics Linen | Sakura Bloom Ring Slings

We just got in three huge boxes of the latest collection from Sakura Bloom: Sakura Bloom Basics linen.  This new collection of linen slings will replace their Classic linen and Simple linen lines, which are going away for now although we still have some in stock (they are already gone from the Sakura Bloom website). Sakura […]

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New Tula Print: Scenic Drive

Scenic Drive Tula Carrier | Tula Carriers | Tula Toddler Carrier

Say hello to Tula’s Scenic Drive print, one of Tula’s August 2017 releases! Scenic Drive is bright and pretty: vibrant blues on a bright orange carrier.  This design on the cool blue fabric panel features an imaginary scenic road trip.  On this drive, you’ll find birds soaring over mountains, bursts of sun, fields of wildflowers, bunny […]

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CMA Mini Reviews: Tula Coast Carrier Review

Tula Coast Carrier Review | Coast Tula Review | Tula Coast Carriers

CMA Babywearing Team member Allison recently checked out the Coast Tula carrier.  Tula Coasts have a mesh panel in the middle to help keep baby cooler when it’s hot outside.  We talked to Allison about her experience with the carrier, and wow, she was raving about it!   Overall, what do you think of the […]

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CMA Mini Review: The Lillebaby Carry On Toddler Carrier

Lillebaby Carry On Toddler Carrier | Lillebaby Toddler Carrier

Today’s CMA Mini Review is of the Lillebaby Carry On. We sent this to CMA Team member Hannah – she and her bff Katie both tried it out and they sent this review over! We were lucky enough to try a toddler Lillebaby, the Carry On. We’ve both been baby and toddler wearing long enough […]

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The CMA Babywearing Team Reviews: Wrapsody Hybrid mini review

Wrapsody Hybrid review | Wrapsody Baby Wraps

Today’s mini review of the Wrapsody Hybrid is by CMA Team member Janet McKay. That’s baby Leo in the pic there, enjoying his Asha Wrapsody Hybrid. Wrapsody Hybrid Wrap Mini Review by Janet McKay I love the idea of wrapping and I particularly love woven wrap. I obsess over the gorgeous weaves and colors of […]

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