You Can’t Take a Stroller Here! 12 places a baby carrier can go that a stroller can’t…

I love a good stroller. I love any tool that helps makes parenting easier, and that definitely includes strollers! While I loved carrying my babies and wore them more than I used strollers, there are some occasions a stroller is perfect for (going jogging, for example).  But, strollers definitely can’t take you everywhere!

For fun and inspiration: 12 times when a baby carrier beats a stroller…

Grocery Shopping

Babywearing at Costco | Baby Carriers for Grocery Shopping

Juggling Bags at the Airport

Babywearing at the airport | Baby carriers for travel

In the Pool

Water Wrap | Pool baby carrier | Water Baby Carrier | Babywearing in the Pool


Hiking with a baby carrier

In the snow

Babywearing in the Snow | Babywearing Christmas tree

Climbing Stairs

Babywearing on the Stairs | Climbing Stairs with baby

At the Beach

Baby carriers at the beach

Doing the dishes


Bowling and Babywearing


Baby Carriers for Exploring


Babywearing while vacuuming doing chores


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