CMA Mini Reviews: Sakura Bloom Silk Ring Sling

Sakura Bloom Simple Silk Review by Stacey

Today’s mini review is by CMA Babywearing Team member Stacey, who is reviewing the Sakura Bloom Simple Silk Ring sling.

So, I accidentally fell in love with this Sakura Bloom silk ring sling. I should have known, as I loooooove ring slings. The thing is, I was intimidated that it was made of silk! Silk was fussy in my head. Silk was that shirt I wore a long time ago. Silk was not for me. I read on the Carry Me Away website that this silk could be for every day. I read that it was actually “sticky” meaning that the rings grip really well to the fabric without slipping. I still thought this might be too dressy for me in my stretchy mom shirts. My biases were wrong!

Don’t get me wrong, this is a luxurious fabric, but it is also supportive, breathable, comfortable, and casual enough to wear all the time! I like that it is different from my other woven ring slings. The silk really does grip well. I also thought it hugged around my wiggly toddler very well. I think it would be an absolute dream for a newborn. The soft gold color of this one is called Marcona and it’s so pretty! This is definitely a sling you could wear with a dress, but personally, I would wear this beauty anywhere.

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