How is the new ERGO Sport different from the standard ERGO?

Black Sport|Ergobaby CarrierSo many people have been asking about the new ERGO Sport that it’s a no-brainer to post about it.   I was excited to get the new Sport in because one of my main complaints about the standard ERGO is that both me and DD can get sweaty on hot summer days here in Napa.  The thick canvas is super supportive (which I also love) but definitely not the most breathable fabric out there!

Enter the ERGO Sport.  It’s part polyester (vs. the 100% cotton of the standard and organic ERGOs), which gives it slight wicking properties.  Definitely more breathable!  What I love is that they have also put a vent in the carrier body – no question that air will be able to get through.  If you look carefully at the picture on the left, you can see a little of the baby’s shirt peeking out from the vent.   In getting the vent, you give up the zippered pocket, which I love.  So it’s a tradeoff, for sure.  You can always get a black front pouch, which has about the same amount of room as the pocket, and is more accessible in the back carry (since you can wear it on your front).

Another notable feature is the the hood on the Sport is detachable.  This makes sense when you more active, as the hood on the standard ERGO never stays in the little pouch and is usually dangling down, which my husband sometimes find irritating, especially when doing a front carry.   There is a little pouch (with snaps) on the body of the carrier for storing the hood when you’re not using it.

When I heard the Sport had wicking fabric, I expected it to be somewhat rougher or plasticky compared to the fabric of the standard ERGO, but in fact, it is super soft.  Even softer than the Organic, although only time will tell whether that lasts!

So why is the Sport cheaper than the standard and organic?  ERGO says it’s cheaper to make, and, holding both carriers in my hand, I believe it.  The Sport is much lighter and somehow feels less substantial than the standard.  Also, the standard has seat darting which the Sport does not.  This makes the seat of the Sport look a little less tidy than the standard, although Maddy claims she is equally comfortable in both.

Bottom line: the Sport is a cool addition to the ERGO line.  It makes a great second carrier and even comes with it’s own carrying pouch, which is handy.

I’ve created a comparison table for the Standard/Organic and Sport ERGO here.  Hope it helps!

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