Beco Baby Carrier Update: Beco Butterfly Carrier Discontinued, and other Beco news

After many years, Beco has announced that they are discontinuing the Beco Butterfly II carrier.  This is not actually new news, but so many people have written to ask about it that I thought a blog post was in order!

The Beco Butterfly II was introduced in September 2008 and has been a major force in the babywearing world ever since.  The main innovative feature of the Butterfly II was its integrated safety harness that made back carries worry-free: because you could load baby into the carrier before putting the carrier on, it was easy to get comfortable with the process.

The Butterfly II was so popular that when Carry Me Away first started carrying the Butterfly II in 2010, we could hardly keep it in stock!  So what happened?   In July, 2010, Beco introduced its Gemini carrier.   The Gemini, with its sleek, minimalist body, integrated headrest plus options to cross the straps in back and/or face baby forward in the carrier, was an instant hit.  Almost immediately, the Gemini’s sale far surpassed the Butterfly’s sales.  Customers who tried the carriers on in person loved the concept of the Butterfly’s safety harness, but 9 times out of 10, they opted for the Gemini, both for comfort, ease of use and the minimalist look.

Like any smart company, Beco is moving forward!  Continuing to produce an item that doesn’t sell well can actually slow down production of products that are more popular.  Even though there are devoted Butterfly fans out there, it only makes sense for a company to focus on what is selling and on developing new and innovative products for us to drool over.  And indeed, Beco has a new carrier, the Soleil, in the works.  Stay tuned for details on what is sure to be a fun new option from this cutting-edge company.

The Butterfly was, and is, a great carrier which will no doubt still be available on ebay, babywearing swap boards and craigslist for years to come .  It is still one of our top recommendations for petite babywearers, especially for back carry.  We are so sorry to see it go!

In other Beco news, the company has also discontinued the Beco Gemini in the solid espresso color.  Apparently, grey is the new brown!



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