Studio Tekhni Sling: our first impressions and a review!

First impressions of the Studio Tekhni Sling, by CMA Team member Hannah Hynson

Whenever a new budget-friendly carrier gets released I tend to get a little excited. I’m a firm believer that babywearing should and can be accessible for all families. Add in a familiar brand name like Tekhni and my heart gets a little flutter.

Studio Tekhni was born from the brand Tekhni Wovens that many of us love for their amazing woven wraps and customer service. The Studio Tekhni line currently has five ring slings in a 50/50 linen and cotton blend herringbone weave, each with two ring color choices.  That makes for ten options at just $88 each.

Studio Tekhni Sling colors

  • Pearl- Natural cream color available with rose gold or smoke grey rings.
  • Graphite- A cool grey neutral color available with smoke grey or rose gold rings.
  • Mint- A refreshing aqua color available with silver or smoke grey rings.
  • Denim- Classic blue neutral available with silver or rose gold rings.
  • Berry – violet pink, available with silver or rose gold rings

First impressions of the Studio Tekhni Sling: 

Like many woven fabrics, this sling will need some breaking in to get nice and buttery soft. It did soften up with washing and a steam iron.  The sling was also much easier to adjust post wash and steam iron, I definitely recommend this process if you’re finding it hard to work with fresh out of the bag. The linen cotton weave shows some character with natural knubs and slubs peaking out throughout the sling. This is normal and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. I love the variation and it makes for a nice grip in the rings.

Graphite closeup of fabric | Studio Tekhni Ring Sling | Tekhni Studio Ring Slings

My son is 3 years old, 41” tall and weighs 33lbs. I am able to comfortably wear him in our Studio Tekhni sling.  The material is lightweight but supportive. It doesn’t feel diggy and I don’t feel his weight pulling down on my body. He also said it was really comfortable and that he wanted to stay up longer, which is a big deal coming from a busy kid with other things to do.


I am a large bodied wearer, I am 5’8 and currently a US sz16 with a large chest. I carry the majority of my weight around my midsection and I struggle with any slings under 80”. The Studio Tekhni ring sling is generously sized at slightly over 90” straight out of the bag. It does not have a tapered end. I wanted to account for shrinkage so I immediately tossed my sling into the wash, and hung it up to dry. It did dry a little crunchy and needed a good steam iron to get it looking it’s best, but once finished it measured 87” making it still one of the longest slings I own.

Bottom line: 

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the Studio Tekhni Sling. A size friendly ring sling for under $100 that can take you from birth to toddlerhood is a win in my books. I can’t wait to see how this sling breaks in and watch the Studio Tekhni brand grow with time.


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