Tips for Babywearing while Pregnant

Yes, it is quite possible to continue babywearing while pregnant!

While pregnancy is not a time to add new stressors to your body if you can avoid it, if you have already been wearing your child, you don’t need to stop now!

Tips for babywearing while pregnant

  1. Talk to your birth practitioner about whether your body is physically capable of wearing while pregnant.  With certain physical issues, it may not be an option.
  2. Explore your carrier options!  What worked for you before you were pregnant may not be as comfortable during pregnancy.
  3. Pay attention to your body’s cues while wearing.  What was comfortable for you early in your pregnancy may not be comfortable later and the right carries for you may change on a week to week or even daily basis. You are the best judge of your body’s cues!  If you get dizzy, out of breath or very tired, you may need to take a break or stop altogether. Pay attention to your body and honor what it is trying to tell you!
  4. It is not necessary to purchase special carriers for use during pregnancy if the carriers you already own are comfortable for you.
  5. If you aren’t yet comfortable with back carries, start practicing them early. That way you will be ready when there is no longer any room for two babies on your front!  Back carrying is often the most comfortable position for wearing during pregnancy – it keeps your child out of the way of your pregnant belly and also helps with more even weight distribution on your body.Babywearing-While-pregnant wrap
  6. Two-shouldered carries (in any carrier that allows them) will even your weight out best over your body, while one shouldered carrier (short wrap or ring sling) will be fast and easy.
  7. If wearing a one-shouldered carrier such as a ring sling makes you feel unbalanced, consider switching to a two-shouldered carrier during your pregnancy.
  8. If you have a buckle carrier you are comfortable with, experiment with placing the waistband both under and over your belly.
  9. If any fabric or pressure on your belly bothers you during pregnancy, consider an onbuhimo – they offer a great waistless back carry.  Wraps can also be tied to avoid the belly.
  10. If you are wanting to do back carries with your child but find that they are too small to see over your shoulder (and that this frustrates them) consider a wrap, meh dai or buckle carrier that allows for high back carries – this will allow them to see over your shoulder.
  11. If the child you are wearing is old enough, let your child help you with the lifting by scrambling up on your back from a sofa, chair or car door so that you don’t have to do as much lifting.

For more information on choosing baby carriers to wear while pregnant (and for tips on wearing each one) read this! Best Baby Carriers to Use While Pregnant.


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