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Tula Blankets update! Get all the details here.

Tula Blanket Set |Tula BlanketsTula Blankets are most definitely this year’s hot commodity!  We get so many emails, DMs, PMs about blankets that I realized it’s high time to create a post for Tula blanket updates so that you can bookmark this one post and keep coming back to it!

But first…what’s all the fuss?

Tula debuted their blankets last Fall (2015)at the ABC Kids Expo in October and began shipping out late in 2015 and early 2016.  As with many things Tula, the blankets were an instant hit, selling out in seconds and causing much angst from those who missed out.  Of course a lot of the craze is about supply and demand – Tula started with very small batches of the blankets and there just weren’t that many.

Waves Tula Blanket Set |Tula BlanketsTula Blanket basics:

The blankets are made from 100% viscose from bamboo.  Bamboo is the latest in baby fabric trends and it turns out to be a wonderful fabric for blankets.  Viscose from bamboo is light and soft, super cozy but also super breathable.  At 47″x47″ square, Tula blankets are also bigger than a lot of other baby blankets on the market, making them more usable for toddlers and big kids.

Tula blankets are available as singles and in sets of three blankets.  At this time, retailers (like us) only have access to the blanket sets.  The sets are designed to coordinate with Tula Carriers, and to date have consisted of one blanket printed with the primary pattern and colors, accompanied by two jacquard weave blankets in coordinating colors and patterns.

For example, the Waves set (pictured) has a “Waves” blanket, which has a printed Waves pattern on it.  It is paired with two jacquard-woven blankets which are solid color but have a wave pattern woven in them: one in white, one in light blue.

Waves Tula Blanket |Tula Blankets
Waves blanket

Tula blanket sets retail for $65 plus shipping on the Tula site and usually sell out within seconds.  Retailers are listing blankets anywhere from $65-$85 with or without shipping costs.  “Market value” for highly sought after sets has been as high as $400!

Are Tula Blankets worth the price?

There are lot of blankets on the market and Tula sets are at the higher end of the range.  We asked our CMA Babywearing Team to weigh in on what is so special about Tula blankets, and this is what they said.

“They are thicker than the Aden swaddles and so far they’ve held up to washes well. I love the prints they come in and the size is nice for both my toddler and school aged kid to snuggle up with!  I personally think they’re worth the money to buy at retail but not at some of the buy/sell market value prices!” – Monica

I like the size and the smooth, almost cooling feel of the blankets. They are breezy enough for summer weather but cozy enough for fall and winter too. Big enough for sitting on at the park or for a toddler sized picnic. Mine have all held up to the wash and are worth the retail price. Not MV.”  – Hannah

“I have never been a fan of swaddle blankets, they are too thin to be useful, then I tried a Tula blanket. I got one because I adored the pattern. It’s so soft, and thicker then other swaddles we have tried. It holds up to my toddler dragging it around, being washed and dried and even dyed. It’s the perfect weight for summer/fall/spring.” – Katie

Tula blankets are big! Jace (5mo) and Madison (2) aren’t the only ones who use them; I use them! They’re MY favorite blankets to snuggle with when I’m watching tv.  I have also heard that some prints are fluffier than others, but all the prints that we own are wonderfully fluffy. What I love about Tula is that they get softer with each wash and they hold up well over time. I feel that the A&A we own are the opposite – they’re starting to feel rough after a few months of use. Our family is hooked on Tula blankets, now. They are absolutely worth the money.” – Lea

How to Buy Tula Blankets from CMA

We offer Tula blankets for immediate sale on our website and also through Right-to-Buy contests.

As of this writing (October 3, 2016), we have Aim and True blankets in stock and ready to ship.  As Tula’s production increases, we hope to have more patterns and colors regularly in stock and to be able to offer lower pricing on all sets.

We have also been getting in other colors, typically in small batches.  When a colorway is very highly sought after, we have been running Right-to-Buy contests so that our customers have a shot at buying their favorite sets without having to compete on fastest fingers stockings.  Right-to-buy contests are a random-draw sweepstakes where customers enter on an entry form and our system randomly picks “winners” of the draw.  The winners then have the right-to-buy the set.

For those of you who believe you can’t win a RTB contest, we will also occasional “soft stock” a few sets. A soft stocking is one that isn’t announced and doesn’t happen at a set time. Keep on eye on this page and you might just get lucky!

Current Tula Blanket stock – we will be updating this portion regularly!

Updated Monday October 3, 2016

Rocket Man: We sold most of our Rocket Man Tula blankets in September’s RTB drawing.  We do have one or two that we will be soft stocking this week, though!

Galaxy: We sold most of our Galaxy Tula blankets in our most recent RTB drawing.  We have a few more that we will be soft stocking this week.

Waves: We have a small batch of Waves blankets in stock.  These are a re-release so we will be soft-stocking them throughout the week.

Tula-Rex: we have some Tula-Rex blankets.  These are also a re-release and we will be soft-stocking them throughout the week.

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