The new Tula Explore is my favorite forward-facing buckle carrier right now. Here's why.

By the CMA Team | October 16, 2018
Tula Explore forward facing carrier | Tula Explore Baby carriers

The new Tula Explore was released in August and it’s quickly become my most-recommended carrier for babywearers wanting a forward-facing option!

Here are my top reasons why:

  1. The Tula Explore offers a super ergonomic forward-facing carry, which is best for baby.   Tula clearly modeled their new Explore carrier after parent company Ergobaby’s popular 360 carriers in the shape and functionality of the body.  This body shape allows your little one to sit in a truly supported m-position, which is healthiest for their development.  Forever-Tula-Explore-best forward facing carrier
  2. The Tula Explore’s support for baby also means it’s more comfortable for you.  The more supported your baby is, the less drag there is on your shoulders and neck. Wearing your baby in the forward-facing position is generally the least comfortable position for you, so I say take all the help you can get!
  3. Lightweight, soft materials.  The quality of the fabrics on the Tula Explore is lovely – it feels softer and more lightweight compared to some other forward-facing carriers.
  4. Has several adjustments to grow with your baby and can even support a toddler.  Like the Tula Free-to-Grow, the Explore is adjustable so you can use it with a newborn (no infant insert required) on up to a toddler.  So it’s not just a carrier for using during those few months that baby needs to face out (usually between 6 and 12 months).  Tula-Explore-forward-facing-carrier-adjustability
  5. Super easy to adjust. While some carriers that offer the forward-facing carry make it complicated to adjust between positions (I’m looking at you, Lillebaby Complete), the Tula’s adjustments are intuitive and easy to figure out.
  6. Cute and classy fabrics.  Of course it matters!
Tula Baby Carrier: Tula Explore

Tula Baby Carrier: Tula Explore


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    Want more details on how the Tula Explore compares to other forward-facing carriers on the market?  Check out my blog post below – I took tons of pics, too!

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