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CMA Mini Reviews: the Tula Explore

Today’s Tula Explore review is part of the CMA Mini Reviews series.  Written by Amanda Rivera.

I have been a user, and a lover, of Tula products for almost five years now, so when I got the opportunity to try the new Tula Explore I was ecstatic! Tula has been my personal favorite SSC carrier of all time, so I was very optimistic that the Explore would not disappoint.

Let’s look at some of the features of this carrier first.

  • Carrying positions: Front Carry facing in and out, and back carry.
  • No infant insert needed! You can use this carrier from 7 lbs to 45 lbs.
  • Adjustability to grow with your child.
    • The waistband has different snap settings for multiple ergonomic positions.
    • There are button adjustments on the front panel to switch from facing in to facing out (or vice versa).
    • There is adjustable padding at the top of the panel. In the down position this padding offers more neck support for smaller babies and in the up position, it gives the panel more length which creates higher back support for toddlers.
  • Other great features include: small pocket at the waistband, removable hood, comfy leg padding for baby, not too bulky, easy to use, easy care, highly adjustable straps to fit different body types.

This is the first Baby Tula carrier that allows baby to forward face safely, such a great feature for caregivers and babies that prefer this world-facing position.  My daughter is 20 months and 24 pounds so I didn’t get to test this feature but it is definitely a great option for a well rounded SSC carrier.  Per Baby Tula, the forward facing option can only be used for babies who weigh 13-22 pounds.

One feature that I do miss is the PFA (perfect fit adjuster) which the Standard Tula carriers all have. I have a short torso, so whenever I use my Tula I always have the PFA fully tightened, which shortens the actual strap just a bit. Without that option, the Explore has a bit too much strap for me. I find myself adjusting the straps on my shoulder so that they don’t fall off, whereas when I use a carrier that has PFAs, I don’t need to adjust nearly as much.

Tula Explore review by Amanda

Tula Explore Review Summary

Overall, I think the Explore is another win for Tula! When I first agreed to do the Tula Explore review, I was skeptical about the comfort of this model due to the button adjusters for the forward facing option, but I didn’t find too much difference with the feel of wearing this versus other Tula carriers.

I also really love the ‘Forever’ print. It’s a funky, kind of geometric monochrome. Totally gender neutral and will look awesome with any outfit, if you’re the type that likes to match carriers to outfits! Since I don’t need to use the forward facing position with my babies, I’d opt for the Free to Grow Tula if I had a smaller baby. While the comfort is there in the Explore, I prefer the FTG esthetically.

If you are keen to try forward facing in an ergonomic and comfy carrier, I’d definitely recommend the Tula Explore!

Thanks to Amanda for this Tula Explore review!

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