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Two moms review the Beco Gemini vs. the Tula Free to Grow Carriers. Here’s what they said!

The Beco Gemini and the Tula Free-to-Grow are two of my favorite buckle carriers for newborns.  So when Viviana and Mariel of @moderndaytwins joined the CMA Babywearing Team, it was the perfect opportunity to get two reviews from two moms for a compare and contrast!  Turns out that they each preferred a different carrier which is why I always say: there is a right carrier for you, you just have to find it!

First, we’ll hear from Viviana (also pictured above): 

Over the last month I’ve been using the Baby Tula Free-To-Grow (L) and the Beco Gemini (R) carriers. I’ve used the heck out of them and am ready to share a quick review!

TULA Free-to-Grow: I’m starting with this one because it’s my favorite of the two. In my opinion, the number one best feature of this carrier is how easy it is to wear. Two buckles and it’s on your body! The first is on the waist belt and the second is the shoulder strap connector.

As a stay-at-home-mom of twins, when I go out, I wear one baby on my chest, the diaper bag backpack on my back and the other baby in an infant car seat in the cart. It’s so much gear that I need simplicity as much as possible and this carrier delivers! The other feature I like is the large front pocket on the waist belt. I always put my iPhone there for easy access. Huge plus. Last but not least — the print is so stylish!! The only downside was that my babies got hot from time to time in it. It could be the Texas weather so I don’t want to blame the carrier.

BECO Gemini: If you’re wanting a carrier that can grow with your baby this one is it. You can front carry facing in and out as well as back and hip carry. Yeah, HIP carry. It’s pretty cool! My babies are only 3.5 months so we front carry facing in, but it’ll be cool to back and hip carry in the future. Aside from this, I was honestly overwhelmed with the multiple straps and buckles when this carrier arrived. I’ve had multiple family members wear it and it does have a really secure fit but they’ve all said, “how do you wear this when you’re alone?” It’s not my go-to! But my wife prefers it so maybe you will too!

CMA note: Viv was testing an older version of the Gemini before they added a pocket to the waistband.

Here is Mariel’s review:

beco vs Tula FTG review by Mariel

Maybe it was love at first try but my favorite baby carrier between the Beco Gemini (L) and the Tula Free To Grow (R) was definitely the Beco Gemini. Although it has more straps and complex buckles, the Beco Gemini was a lot easier to adjust and more flexible to move in. Full disclosure I never tried the back carry because I was too scared (and my littles aren’t old enough) and to be honest I didn’t feel the need to try to side carry because front carry is just so darn comfortable!

It took a few tries before getting a pattern down as to how to put the Gemini on and take it off seamlessly and it definitely took a few eyes to realize that the baby pouch is adjustable to baby butts and legs. Once baby is in however it’s like a little cocoon that lulls them straight to sleep. And it’s perfectly proportioned to where the whole get up is lightweight and breathable. I might also be partial to it because even though I love bright colors the young punker in me loves black, I mean honestly…can anything black ever go wrong?

I truly only ever wore the Tula Free To Grow once or twice because it wasn’t very fluid for my body type. I have broader shoulders and a smaller torso so even though the adjustable waistband was perfect, the arm straps were not. The first time I wore the Tula FTG we decided to go on an impromptu walk down Congress Ave. and I killed the outing by needing to go back to the car because the straps were too uncomfortable under my arms no matter how much I adjusted them. The second time was a little better but still not compatible enough with me. I do wish I would have felt more comfortable in it though because of the cute prints and the hood, ya never know when you’ll need a hood.

So there you have it, two reviews from two different mamas! 

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