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Water Wraps and Water Slings to take you and baby to the pool and beach this summer!

When hot weather rolls around, having a comfy water sling or wrap can make summer days all that much more magical!

Imagine being able to go to the pool, beach (or even just the shower) while keeping your baby close to you.

Our water sling and wraps are awesome because:

  1. You can cool off in the water, chase your toddler or relax with friends without having to worry about a slippery baby or your arms getting tired.
  2. You don’t have to worry about the effects of salt water and chlorine on your pricey soft structured carrier or high end sling
  3. Our water sling and wraps dry quickly so you can keep them on out of the water comfortably
  4. Our water slings and wraps provide additional UV protection – especially important for offering more protection to sensitive infant skin!
  5. You can introduce baby to the water while keeping them securely attached to you
  6. They are budget-friendly!

Best for infants: Water Wraps

Wrapsody Duo Water WRap

I recommend a water wrap when you want to wear an infant in or near the water.

Wraps offer a super secure carry- great for a wiggly infant – even one who wants to stretch her little legs!  Don’t be intimidated by the “long piece of fabric” aspect of a wrap – these are quite easy to use with just a little practice.  They are stretchy, so once you tie the wrap on, you can just pop baby in and out as you like.

We carry two brands of water wraps: the Wrapsdoy Wrap Duo and the Beachfront Baby Every Day,  and they are both great.  They are also pretty similar.  Both are made of Repreve knit, which is naturally wicking and has built-in UV properties.  They both offer support and stretch for comfort and they can be worn in and out of the water.

Wrapsody Wrap Duo 

Wrapsody Duo Water Wrap












The classic Water Wrap that we have carried, and loved, for years.  Repreve fabric, natural UV protection.  Lightweight, compact and packs down super small.

Available in classic Black Pearl, this wrap also doubles as a swanky evening wrap!

Two sizes:

“Regular” is 4.6m long or a wrap size 6.  Fits most.

“Long” is 5.5 m long so about a size 8.


Beachfront Baby EveryDay Wrap

Beachfront Baby Water Wrap












A newer addition to our lineup, the Beachfront Every Day is similar to the Wrapsody Duo, but comes in four summery colors!

Choose from Lavender Mist (pictured), Tide Pool Teal, Marina Blue and Boardwalk Grey.

*Please note that the forward facing carry is NOT recommended for use while in the water.

In two sizes:

  • One Size sling fit adults who wear (snug) shirt size SM, MD & LG.
  • X-Long fits adults who wear (snug) shirt size XL- 2XL.

Best for six months and up: Water Sling

For babies who are already being carried on your hip, I love a water sling.  You can still use a water wrap but the ease and speed of a hip carrier is really nice!

Beachfront Baby Water Sling

Beachfront Baby Everyday Sling

Made of the same stretchy fabric as the Beachfront Wrap, this ring sling offers ease of use and quicker on and off than a ring sling.

You can use this sling with younger babies also, but I prefer the security of the wrap with newborns.

This sling offers a secure carry when wet, and dries quickly!

Before you enjoy your new water sling or wrap, please read the following Tips for Safe Babywearing in the Water!

Text of the tips image is printed below.
Tips for Safe Babywearing in the Water in your Water Sling or Wrap

Tips for Safe Babywearing in the Water

  1. Always keep baby’s face visible and kissalby close
  2. Be aware of the water temperature and how baby reacts to it.
  3. Do not use a baby carrier if your feet are not on the ground (such as on a boat, float, jet ski, etc.)
  4. Ensure baby does not ingest large amounts of water to protect against bacteria and water intoxication
  5. Do not attempt to swim while wearing the baby
  6. Never enter water with  a strong current, steep slope, slippery bottom, or where you cannot see the baby

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