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Product Description

LOVE LOVE LOVE MY TULA!!!! It is totally worth it! My son loves being in the Tula, front or back, and he really seems almost weightless. It makes walking our dog so much easier. And if I want to do some chores around the house I can just strap him in and get stuff done.  -Jess

Features of the Tula Baby Carrier:

The Tula Baby Carrier is a standard sized carrier ideal for use from 6 months to 2.5 years.

  • Each Tula Baby Carrier comes packaged with a canvas hood in the same color as the carrier straps!  The hood supports child’s head while sleeping, and provides some protection from the sun or wind, and helps with discreet breastfeeding.
  • Pocket on the hip belt for additional storage
  • Shoulder straps extend – this unique design allows for wearers of all sizes to share the same carrier; it also makes breastfeeding super easy!
  • Additional padding in shoulder straps and child’s leg area for extra comfort
  • Three section hip belt that contours around the wearer’s waist
  • Tula Baby and Toddler Carriers can be used for both front and back carries.  They do not offer a forward-facing carry or a hip carry.  They do not offer the option to cross straps in back.
  • Tula Baby Carriers can carry babies from 8 lbs/3.5kg (with infant insert) up to 44 lbs/20kg.  Tula Toddler Carriers can carry children from 25 lbs/11kg on up!
  • Easy to use: fast on/off.
  • No legs dangling!  The Tula Baby Carrier offers a wide seat and supports your child’s natural M position of baby’s leg and hips
  • Tula Carrier complies with the European Safety Norm EN 13209- 2:2006
  • High quality, 100% cotton with Oko-Tex Standard 100 certificate
  • Highest quality Duraflex buckles
  • Made in Poland and Mexico.
  • Machine Washable

Wondering what size Tula you need?

Our Tula Standard vs. Tula Toddler chart gives you some great guidelines.  For more detail and info, read this article: Which size Tula Should I buy?

Tula Carrier Awards

Tula Carriers have been recipients of numerous awards.  Here are just a few!

Additional Information

Weight2.1 lbs
Special Features

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Color Filter

Black, Beige/Cream, Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Navy, Purple, Pink


Tula Standard Carrier

Tula Toddler Carrier
Age range/weight of child

15-45 lbs (from 8 lbs if used with infant insert)

If starting with child over 25 lbs, consider the Toddler Tula

25 lbs and up

18 months and older, not recommended for newborns and smaller babies

Panel Dimensions

15.5″ (45cm) tall

15″ (37 cm) wide

17.5″ (45 cm) tall

18.5″ (48 cm) wide

Hip Belt4.7″ (12 cm) tall4.7″ (12 cm) tall
Weight of Carrier1.7 lbs (.80 kg)1.7 lbs (.80 kg)


111 reviews for Tula Baby Carrier – Standard

  1. Heather Musser (verified owner)

    I am beyond pleased with my purchase from your website. I knew I wanted a Tula for our upcoming family vacation as my little guy has outgrown his Ergo and even though it still works, its just not very comfortable anymore for either of us, especially for extended wear. After checking the Tula website I was so discouraged to learn that it would take 6-8 weeks for shipping for EU. I’m so happy I found your website, my order came unbelievably fast as was packed so nicely and clearly it was done with love. Its make me feel good to know that I have supported someone who is passionate about what they do and cares about customers. I will definitely be passing your information on to my friends! What a great experience, look forward to finding other goodies to buy from you in the future.

  2. Samantha

    I’m so glad I found your website. I needed a carrier for my son for my daughter’s preschool field trip to the firehouse. I ordered my Tula on a Thursday evening and was excited to hear it shipped that night and that I would be recieving it on Monday! I was also able to get a free gift with my purchase!

  3. Stacy Fritts

    This is my first Tula and my first SSC and I love it! I can’t believe how soft it is right out of the box; I was definitely thinking canvas was going to be rough and stiff and need breaking in. Not the case in the least. It’s also very easy to put on and get my daughter in and adjusted. At 4 months and 14 lbs she’s not quite big enough for the standard but a rolled up receiving blanket does the trick. This is my second purchase from Carry Me Away and the service is excellent! Both orders shipped very quickly and I love free shipping and free extras! I highly recommend both Tula and Carry Me Away!

  4. Megan

    My friend recommended the tulas and so when I needed something that was quick to put on for quick errands, I ordered the the grey and white chevron. My baby girl and I love it. She’s nice and cozy in there and very comfy for both of us. Carry Me Away was very helpful and great customer service!

  5. Megan Key

    I am in love with my standard sculls carrier. Great product and quick delivery, will definitely order from you guys again!!

  6. Miriam

    My baby has shunned the other ssc’s we own so we tried a friends tula and fell in love. After looking on the tula website the spotted love pattern wasn’t in stock but it was on this site. Same price, free shipping and a free bag. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly it shipped and arrived. At 3 months she’s still a little small for it but its really soft already and we tied a cord around the base to make it narrow enough for her instead of getting the infant insert for 1 month.

  7. Stacy

    I ordered the grey/white chevron and it was shipped (for free) so quickly, that I received it in 4 days cross country! I even ordered the strap extenders in black and customer service was so good that Laurel e-mailed me to confirm I didn’t want them in light grey because they matched better. Great choice and am so happy I don’t have to exchange them! As for the carrier, my 6 month old 17 pounder loves it and falls asleep in it so easily. I love how easy it is to nurse him in it and how well I’m covered when doing it, even if I’m not using the hood. Fantastic purchase!

  8. Jess

    LOVE LOVE LOVE MY TULA!!!! When I first heard about the Tula I thought I’d never spend that much money for a carrier! However, it is totally worth it! I actually got it as an early Christmas gift. I only wish I would’ve known about the Tula while I was making my baby registry. My son is now almost 10 months old and 22lbs…but better later than never! He loves being in the Tula, front or back, and he really seems almost weightless. It makes walking our dog so much easier. And if I want to do some chores around the house (dust, vacuum, etc) I can just strap him in and get stuff done. Plus, CMA’s customer service is the best!!!! Thanks for everything…I couldn’t be happier!

  9. Shannon Knipe

    I’ve been wanting a Tula for months and my mom said she’d get me one as an early Christmas present. It came super quickly and beautifully packaged. I will definitely order from you again.

  10. Jade Daniels

    I LOVE My Quill Tula!!! It is absolutely gorgeous, and the shipping was super fast! Thankyou so very much…I’m looking forward to shopping with you again! 😀

  11. Catherine

    Wow – my Tula standard came so fast in the mail! I honestly didn’t expect it to be quick! I knew if I ordered from the Tula website it would have taken several weeks. My order came in just a matter of days! The Tula is beautiful and was carefully packaged. (I appreciated how it was sent – I know how to store it small now!) I can’t wait to start using this carrier. 🙂 Thank you for your great service. The bonus gift of the rear view mirror was a fantastic plus as well!

  12. Jennifer

    I have a baby with special needs (Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum) who will need help with social skills and motor skills. It was very important to me to get comfortable with baby wearing as part of his therapy, and my bonding as he is already a bit behind at 3 months old. I have a Mei tei, k’tan & Moby, but I never found love until I heard about Tula and ordered my Star from Carry Me Away. I am a fluffier size 20 mom, and it fits me with plenty of room to spare. My husband can also wear it, and best of all, it’s instant happiness for our son. He makes better eye contact with us, has gained better head control, and is completely happy in the secure but surprisingly soft canvas (currently with a receiving blanket under his bottom). It was worth every penny, and the fast shipping and extras from carry me away made our experience that much better. I am looking forward to purchasing again in the future 🙂

  13. lily abell

    I love love love my Bliss Bouquet tula. I will be shopping soon back with Carry me away. They are such the sweetest, they take the time to make sure your 110% in love with the carrier. I had ttrouble at first because I got the grown size, theY took the extra step to make sure I was happy with my purchase. They actually guide me step by step on how to do certain things. I highly recommend them to all parents!

  14. Melissa

    I ordered the billow baby carrier. It arrived promptly, delivered as requested, and was in perfect condition. I’m really pleased with everything so far. My 14-month old daughter now says “yay” and claps when I get out the Tula. She has been extra clingy to me since I gave birth to her newborn sister, so the Tula is a lifesaver!

  15. Ginger

    I absolutely love my new Tula and the customer service that Carry Me Away gives!!! Laurel was awesome and I will definitely be purchasing more items in the future!!!

  16. Terra

    One of my best purchases online ever. Shipping was incredibly fast. The packaging was very thoughtful too it was really special to get a thank you and business cards from CMA. This carrier is awesome I really love the fit I’m 5’1″ and I don’t feel like it is way to big or bulky. The site was out of the pattern I wanted but had it restocked very quickly. Love the carrier so much it’s been great so far!

  17. Janeen

    We are extremely pleased with our purchase and fast shipping. We bought our first Tula and Ergo (we as already own a Boba 4G which my 9 year is claiming). The Ergo was on sale and is the designer series Petunia Pickle Bottom which matches my diaper bag. The Tula Prepster was so soft for canvas and went to my husband. I will be back for my Tula very soon.

  18. Amber C

    I haven’t had the chance to really wear my daughter out in the Tula just yet.
    Overall, the construction seems super solid, and I love the flamingo print I picked out. I’m looking forward to using my Tula as my daughter and I travel soon. She’s 20 months and is around 25 lbs. I’ll be using the Tula in the airport as we get to and from our gate.
    I also look forward to using the Tula with my soon-to-be-born son. He’s due in July, and I know the Tula will come in handy on outings with him and his sister.
    The carrier shipped very quickly, a tracking number was provided, and the carrier was packaged very nicely. Plus, I got a free gift for spending over $100 and shipping was free. Thanks, Carry Me Away. Good service.

  19. Kaitie

    I have ordered a standard and a toddler Tula from Carry Me Away and I have had nothing but good luck. Super fast shipping, great customer service. All around great experience. Thank you!

  20. Kim

    I bought a grey zigzag standard tula as a gift for my friend. Her baby isn’t here yet, so she hasn’t had the opportunity to use it, but we LOVE the pattern! Best of all Carry Me Away was so wonderful to work with and shipping was FAST! I live clear across the country and received my items in less than a week! I will definitely be ordering again when my next little one comes along!

  21. Melissa

    Very happy with my purchase! I’ve ordered a few times from carry me away and have never been disappointed. Shipping is fast, great communication and quality products! I haven’t used the Tula much but my husband loves it. We actually sold our Ergo to fund the purchase and he can’t stop telling me how much more he likes the tula over the ergo. He even has me making him custom accessories for “Daddy and Charlotte’s” Tula. I’m very pleased with the purchase and can’t wait to order my own so I don’t have to listen to the hubs complain about me adjusting all his straps!

  22. Jodie

    I am so beyond satisfied with my foxy Tula!!!!!! As well as my decision to purchase from carry me away! Let me begin my saying this was the only website I could find that even had the one I wanted in stock! That was super exciting for me because I though my dream Tula was going to be impossible to find at market value… Anyone who knows Tula knows that means major up charges for used product 🙁 I ordered my Tula in the early afternoon and had a shipment confirmation that night! Not only did I receive free shipping but it shipped in only two days! After I ordered my Tula I started browsing the website and saw what awesome customer service carry me away has! I thought it was really cool what all you guys do to help each customer find the perfect carrier for them! Luckily the Tula is way past perfect for me but Its reassuring if I ever wanted to look at other carriers carry me away offers that support. And trust me I will definitely shop here again and have already recommended you to others! Thanks so much!!!

  23. Kelli Chatman

    I am in love with my carrier from carry me away. So cute, stylish, comfortable and baby loves it. He’s 5 months 20 lbs and fits great. I’m a plus size mom and this carrier is amazing. Fits great. Not tight and love that it’s adjustable. Might I add the cute little box and packaging is adorable that it comes in. I received it a lot quicker than expected as well!! I’m so glad made my Purchase with you guys. Thanks so much!

  24. Bobbi Jo

    We recently received our first Tula. Prior to Tula our babywearing consisted of wraps and ring slings, which I love. Unfortunately, I was noticing that both the wraps and rs were pulling on my back, causing me to have some back pain. (I have a bad back).
    Enter Tula. I wasn’t sure how a Tula would feel with my back so I was hesitant to order.

    I finally decided to give it a try and was unable to complete my order due to PP issues.
    Carry Me Away saw that I was trying to make an order and reached out to help. With their help, I was able to complete my order. (Excellent customer service!!)

    My Tula arrived very quickly and I am so glad I got it. It is extremely comfortable and my daughter loves it. I love how soft it was straight from the package (not stiff like I was afraid the canvas would be).
    It’s easy to put on and easy to take off, although I’m no good at nap tranames yet!
    My 11 year old loves it also and loves to wear and cuddle his sister.

    If you’re undecided, you should give it a try! Now I know why people want to but all the Tulas!

  25. Jennifer

    Perfect! Beautiful. Brand new Rockets. Quick shipping!

  26. Laura

    My Tula is great. The shipping was extremely fast. My daughter is tall and has grown out of the panel of the Ergo. The Tula panel is much taller and very comfortable. I have narrow shoulders and it fits well. Thanks for carrying such great products!

  27. A\’Dailya Bontemps (verified owner)

    Tula Heaven! Firstly, I am in absolute LOVE with my Tula. I have wanted one for a long time and finally made the big leap into getting one. Best investment ever!! My son loves it and I love it. Secondly, the shipping! Amazing! I ordered on a Thursday received my Tula on the following Monday. I emailed Carry Me Away asking for my order number (I lost my original paper) and within an hour I got a response. That is amazing service. Often times we take things like that for granted, but amazing customer service is often hard to find. Once you receive great service they deserve all the respect I can give. Any other products I need, I will go through Carry Me Away. Definitely, recommending to all my new and veteran babywearing mamas!!!

  28. Jhantelle

    I’m more of a woven wrap momma. I originally wanted the Tula for my husband. He badly wanted to experience putting our baby to sleep and also to babywear him when we go out. I was very hesitant if we should get the Standard or the Toddler since we have a tall baby. I emailed Carry Me Away if we can exchange it just in case the Toddler size fits him better. Laurel (the owner) was so nice in assisting me with my questions and made sure I can exchange the item if we’re not satisfied. The day we got our Tula, I tried it out first and instantly fell in love with it! It was so easy to put on and is very comfortable for me and the baby. When my husband tried it, he was able to put our baby to sleep instantly which he couldn’t do before! It was a lovely moment for us. And we are Tula lovers now!

  29. Tricia

    I absolutely love my Tulas, and I love buying from Carry Me Away! They always ship quickly and that’s important when you’re waiting for fluff mail! My Tulas are so great for everyday stuff like cleaning and keeping baby happy, to vacations like our frequent Disney trips. Tulas are comfortable and easy to use and I love them for quick trips into the store or for going to pick up my oldest when I’ve got the two littles with me. I have always been a woven mama, ever since my oldest was a baby 8 years ago. But Tulas are becoming my go-to! Carry Me Away is a great place to get anything you need babywearing related!

  30. Dana

    Beyond thrilled with my purchasing experience with Carry Me Away! My new Tula is beautiful obviously but shipping was so fast (just a few days!) and when it arrived it was all wrapped up lovingly like a present for me to open! I’ll be back for my next Tula soon!

  31. Abbi

    We are loving our Tula carrier. It is very comfortable and easy to use. I was very impressed with the quick turn around on my order from Carry Me Away! I couldn’t have asked for it to be any quicker or more efficient. So glad I found this company to order from. To top off the super quick shipping time, the package was wrapped beautifully. Thanks so much, Carry Me Away!

  32. Tori

    I was able to score an anchor tula here and checkout was very quick & easy. Came in 2 days early and we absolutely love it!!!!

  33. Brianna McFarland

    I ordered two Tulas during the rush of the new prints coming out. I’m very satisfied on how fast my items got shipped out. The store was great to work with as well when I emailed them on a small matter. Will be buying from this store again 🙂

  34. Maggie

    Tula makes the best baby carrier ever, and Carry Me Away was a pleasure to work with! I got a very nice e-mail letting me know my e-check would take a little longer to clear and offering to let me pay a different way. Shipping was very quick (especially considering it had to come to Wyoming in the winter), and included a wonderful thank you note.
    I’d definitely order a Tula from Carry Me Away again!

  35. Melissa

    I love my Lovely Rascals Tula I ordered from Carry Me Away. It was shipped very quickly and the packaging was so nice. I really appreciate the outreach I have been offered to ensure I am wearing my tula correctly. It is SO comfortable. I wish I would have bought it 3 months ago!

  36. Lucelyn

    I have 2 tulas of my own. I bought 2 more for my best friends as baby shower gifts. The carriers came in perfect condition and looked just the same as the ones I bought directly from the Tula we site. What I love more with ordering from Carry Me Away is the cute packaging, cute notes and instructions, and the cute freebies they offer. I love supporting businesses that care about their customers satisfaction as much as they care about their product. Love love love everything!!

  37. Andrea Mamaril

    Perfect product! Wonderful customer service, very sweet and accommodating, I highly recommend:)

  38. Megan

    Thank you SO much to carrymeaway for FAST shipping and great care that went into the packaging of the product. I love my free mirror too. Thank you- it makes a difference to have a company that really tries to make the customer happy! Of course I love the tula too, but since I could have bought it at other locations and sites, including the tula site, I am glad that I found the best price, fastest shippining, and a bonus gift! I’ll be recommending this site to others for sure!

  39. Melissa

    I purchased the Plum Posy Tula and it is even more beautiful in person. I was so excited with how quickly I received the Tula after ordering and the packaging was so pretty. Love my Tula and I would definitely recommend ordering from Carry Me Away!

  40. Tara

    Great customer service. I received my Tula on Monday and I ordered on Friday! Cute packaging. I love the Tula. I find it much more comfortable and truely hands free. I was previously using a wrap.

  41. Lucy

    I purchased the blue zig zag standard carrier and love it. It is a purchase that I wish I would have made with my first child. I have a neck injury and this carrier has yet to induce any discomfort. I would strongly recommend to anyone with a young child to invest in this carrier; after three children you realize there are more bells and whistles than necessities in the baby market, but this is one purchase that will make life easier and your child happier. I live in a hot, humid climate and I can see how this becomes hot, but I don’t think there is any alternative when two people are against each other and therefore I do not count that against my rating.

  42. Megan F.

    I ordered my first tula on a Monday and I received it Thursday. It was packaged so nicely and arrived quickly. I love my standard tula and so does my 15 month old.

  43. Tyron

    I got the purple hummingbird one. It is beautiful, and the baby likes it a lot. It was easy to order and arrived quicker than expected. I definitely recommend Carry Me Away.

  44. Cait

    I love my new Tula. I’m so glad your website notified me when you got a shipment. I quickly ordered my Tula and it came in two days. Excellent serivce!

  45. Jamie Tucker

    So in love with my tula!!!!! I ordered the brave pattern and wore my baby today for a memorial day parade. I had so many people stopping to asking where I had gotten it….I handed out your cards! A few veterans stopped to comment on the pattern also. Best purchase I have ever made

  46. Callie Lyon

    I ordered my first Tula (Fletcher) and absolutely love it! It’s very comfortable and so pretty!
    My item shipped the next day and I received it sooner than expected! Great customer service and support. Will order again 🙂

  47. Savannah B

    I love my Tula! I’ve used several different carriers and this one takes the cake! It’s easy to use, comfortable, and more importantly my baby loves it. It has made my day to day so much easier. We’re about to take a big trip involving a lot of walking and I’m not even sweatin’ it. I only have one complaint. I don’t particularly like carrying my baby on my back. It’s not as comfortable. The large belt pad they have for the front is amazing, but they don’t have that for the back strap. I feel like it digs into my stomach and is very uncomfortable. Unless I’m doing something wrong I don’t know if I’ll do much back wearing. It’s unfortunate because back wearing allows more range of motion to do tasks. Shipping was really fast and the packaging and note made me feel like a valued customer. I definitely recommend Carrymeaway!

  48. Amanda

    Just used my Tula while grocery shopping tonight! I loved it and my 7 mo old son loved it too!! and I couldn’t believe the service! i ordered on Saturday morning, within an hour i received an email saying my package has shipped, and it was in my mailbox on Monday!! Amazing!! Thank you!!

  49. Brittany

    I love my Bliss Bouquet Tula!! It has made me want to buy a ton of others! It came in about 2 business days and works wonderfully. Baby loves it!

  50. Jordan

    We had a Moby Wrap for the first few months of my daughter’s life. While we loved it, she grew long very quickly and it became uncomfortable. She loves being worn, so I started my search for a new carrier. My friend suggested a Tula because she has two and adores them. It didn’t take long at all for baby girl and me to fall in love with them!! They are so easy to use once adjusted to your body. Every time I put her in it she is out within a few minutes, even if she’s been fighting sleep for awhile. Makes running errands during her nap time a breeze!! In addition to that, your company was the only place I could find the Bliss Bouquet in stock and it shipped surprisingly quickly. Will definitely come to your company again!

  51. Jacqueline

    I just purchased a Blissful Bouquet – my first Tula. It is very beautiful and easy to use. I have a ring sling and an ergo. Since my baby is only 10 pounds and 7 weeks old, I need the infant insert. I find using the insert makes the Tula bulky and large. It is very comfortable for long distance walking but sitting and eating is difficult with the infant insert. I am going that once my baby is old enough to use the Tula without the insert I will appreciate my Tula more!

  52. D’Andrea

    I just broke in my extremely beautiful Tula Vivian standard carrier! It’s absolutely divine and feels fabulous to wear with my 23 lb. son. I had shoulder surgery a few years ago and found that wearing him in the Babyhawk and Ergo hurt my shoulder and back. I wore him through 2 airports with no problem. Carry me away has superb customer service and the fastest shipping I’ve ever seen. My Tula shipped out the same day!!! I’ll be ordering more soon!!

  53. Melissa

    I recently bought my first Tula because I fjnally fell I love with a boy print, Little Heroes (having slip cover made), and to be able to take my little one through the airport for his first plane right without the hassle of a stroller. We’ve been wearing our Tula for a few days now to get it broken in and it’s been so comfortable! The service was great, ordered the Tula in the evening and had a email 2 hours later saying it shipped! Probably the quickest turnaround time I’ve ever seen! Would definitely recommend a Tula to anyone and everyone… and for them to buy it from Carry Me Away!

  54. Jessica

    I purchased my Tula baby carrier a few weeks ago after only having a Moby wrap for months since my son was born. I cannot tell you how wonderful the change was! Our Tula is so comfortable and takes no time at all putting my son in it. My son (5 months) always falls asleep in it which is nice for those late nights. The customer service was outstanding! Within hours I had our new carrier (which was so convenient living in Napa where the business is located) – I will most definitely buy my next carrier from CarryMeAway when the times comes. A++ all around.Thank you for making this such a pleasant experience for my family. We love it!

  55. Lizzy

    Love, love, love my Tula!! I wanted the rocket print but didn’t see it on here, and emailed Laurel to see if she had any, and she did! Turn around time for it was super quick as well! I bought another carrier from here as well, and will be coming back and recommending Carry Me Away to anyone looking for a new carrier!

  56. Kelsey

    I absolutely love the Tula carrier. It is the first buckle carrier I’ve purchased since now using only a ring sling for my second baby. The ring sling worked great for my firstborn as Ididn’t learn to use it when she was very small and only used it for a hip carry when she was old enough through 2 years old. When I had my son he disliked some the newborn hold with the ring sling and the facing in position with his legs dangling wasn’t very secure anymore as he got stronger to wiggle and squirm around! I wasn’t liking how his knees weren’t in the correct position for his hips and I wasn’t able to really accomplish any tasks with him in the ring sling like that for fear he’d wiggle right out the bottom, so I started doing research on buckle carriers! My opinion of them was always that they looked uncomfortable and hard to get on or adjust. No so!! My Tula came very quickly, was packaged beautifully I might add, and was super easy to put on and use the very first time! My little guy is just over 5 months old and is just under 17 lbs so I was a little anxious that it might not fit quite right but I feel that he is comfortable and very well supported. The base weight of 15 lbs I feel is very fair and accurate. Now wearing him I can comfortably do many more tasks indoors and outdoors, even hoe weeds in the garden with him facing in on the front! He can peek over the top of the carrier to watch and the soft cotton canvas is comfortable and breathable. This carrier does an awesome job of supporting the weight on my hips which is a nice treat since sometimes my ring sling makes my mid back quite sore. Thanks for the awesome service, I would reccomend your site and this carrier to anyone desiring to wear their baby!

  57. Becca Burdette (verified owner)

    I love this carrier! I can comfortably carry my 22lb 14 month old for hours with no problems. I almost purchased the Tula toddler carrier but spoke with someone who explained this would be a better fit. I can even carry my 3 year old son who weighs 38lbs for shorter periods. I would highly recommend this carrier and the company shipped quickly!! 🙂

  58. Rebecca T (verified owner)

    Wish I could add more stars!!! I am so in love with my Tula I recently purchased! I ordered the Archer and not only was the shipping free you sent it priority which I really appreciated being that I was so excited to receive it! My baby boy loves it and I can’t believe how much support it offers my back. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience carry me away!!

  59. Sara Cordle (verified owner)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Tula!! My only regret is that I waited seven months to buy one! I tried multiple other carriers before getting this, and my LO did not like them at all. She loves snuggling up in the Tula. I get lots of compliments when we go out, because it is so adorable! Tula has the cutest prints of all carriers available.

  60. Brandi (verified owner)

    I am really pleased with the service that I received from Carrymeaway! I was so excited about getting a tula and was able to score a bliss bouquet! Love it! I couldn’t wait to open my box and carry me away had it all packaged up so pretty and came with an instruction packet and babywearing tips, which is super helpful to someone who is new at it. To top it off, my squish LOVES our tula! I will definitely purchase again if we decide on getting another carrier!

  61. Ashton (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I discovered your website! I ordered my Tula and 2 days later it arrived (and I live across the country) and it was packaged beautifully. I couldn’t be happier with the Tula and my shopping experience with Carry Me Away!

  62. Leona (verified owner)

    I am in love with my TULA!!! As well as very appreciative of the customer service with CMA. I called twice and both my calls were returned very quickly. The overall experience with my purchase, and my new carrier has been fantastic!

  63. Marisa (verified owner)

    I love my new Carousel Tula!!! It is so pretty and perfect. Shipping was super fast. Thank you!

  64. Lisa (verified owner)

    LOVE this Tula!!!
    The excitement started when the package arrived (shipping is so quick)!! The care that was taken in preparing all the products is what sets Carry Me Away apart from any other companies I’ve ordered from.
    The carrier is divine!!! It’s more beautiful in person (I purchased the Sly). I’ve had an Ergo for so long that I was expecting all carriers to wear and feel the same. Boy, was I wrong!! This carrier is so comfortable and my sweet baby girl, who is 1, fits so nicely in the standard size. We’ve tested front and back positions and she loves them both. Everything about the feel of this carrier is beyond my expectations. Everything about the care and service of Carry Me Away is beyond ALL of my expectations. Because of the attention from this company, I wish I was a carrier addict so I could order more carriers.
    I will be telling all my mama friends about CMA!!

  65. Felicia (verified owner)

    I love Carry Me Away! I was hesitant about buying a Tula because I’d never used one and it seemed so pricey but with the 30 day return option and quick FREE shipping I gave in! It’s the best buy I’ve ever made, my Tula is so comfortable, so easy, I never feel like my daughter is going to fall out like I did with wraps and sash carriers, and even better, my daughter loves it too! Carry Me Away and Tula went way beyond my expectations. I wish I could give them a 10 out of 5!!

  66. Cheyenne (verified owner)

    Got it cery fast! Love my tula so much. I babywear my son everywhere and he loves it! I will purchase another tula from this company again!

  67. STEPHANIE (verified owner)

    We took advantage of the layaway option! Once it was paid off I received it a few days later. Both my 11 months old and 2 year ols fit comfortably in the standard. I will be buy again soon just in a toddler for my 3 year old! Excellent customer services aswell!

  68. mlpjos82 (verified owner)

    Ordered slow ride standard tula ….. ❤️❤️Love love this carrier , super cute print , fast shipping and wrapped so neatly in tissue paper . Would definitely shop here again . Great service

  69. Olena (verified owner)

    I love my new Skipper Tula. Not only it’s very well made, comfortable, and easy to use, but it’s also very hip unlike more traditional brands. I see myself using it all the time.

  70. Kasia (verified owner)

    Great company, great products, great service!! Very responsive & fast shipping! Thank you for an overall wonderful experience.

  71. Brooke (verified owner)

    Laurel is an angel!!! I will NEVER purchase another baby carrier anywhere else but here! Laurel went out of her way to send pictures of all TULA’s she had that I wanted, so that I could pick the exact one I loved! She is so easy to work with, and it puts an ease to online shopping when someone is as helpful as she is! We love our Slow Ride, thank you Laurel and Carry Me Away for making our TULA dreams come true! 🙂

  72. Krystal

    Love my new Tula! Service was great!! Thank u!!

  73. Samantha barbour (verified owner)

    I love my hot air ballon standard Tula!! This company is amazing, when I buy my next carrier you better believe carry me away is where I’m ordering it from! Laurel gets back with you so quickly when you have questions or need help ordering. I paid my Tula off on a Sunday night and had it on my porch by Wednesday !! I couldn’t believe how quickly it shipped!

  74. Jane (verified owner)

    Love the cute pattern of my new Tula standard carrier – ColorWheel. It is super cute and very comfortable. It shipped very quickly, and was packaged really nicely.

  75. susanason10 (verified owner)

    This was a gift for my daughter-in-law and she seems very pleased. She thinks the fabric is very pretty and soft and that the carrier will work well for their new baby

  76. mishajuliana (verified owner)

    I just received my Spring Equinox Tula, and I’m so happy with it. I’ve owned a Toddler Tula for a few years for my older child, but now that I’m having a baby in a few months, I really wanted to try the standard. Carry Me Away is amazing, too! My Tula was promptly in the mail and arrived at my house shortly thereafter. I thought the packaging was very cute, too. I will definitely be buying another Tula (I’m addicted) and will be buying it here!

  77. Tiffany R. (verified owner)

    I am so in love with our new fawn tula baby carrier! The canvas is soft and I love the print, it’s perfect for my little boy. The carrier is super easy to use and really comfortable. I had no clue about baby wearing with my first two children, but I am so glad I have discovered this awesome product! I also love that I was able to purchase on a layaway plan and as soon as I finished paying shipping was really fast and I loved the extra care that went into the packaging. Thanks carry me away, I can’t wait to purchase more 🙂

  78. Melanie (verified owner)

    I ordered my Tula on Saturday afternoon and it was here on Monday! Super fast delivery! It was packaged so cute… Nice personal touch:)

  79. Jeanette (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with my new Tula! This is my second but my first experience baby wearing. I research and asked around and hands down the Tula got the best reviews. It’s comfortable, easy to use and fashionable! The only negative is the back strap. I’m having a hard time reaching it especially when I wear over my coat. Price was right, shipping was super quick and I’m a happy Mommy!

  80. Emily (verified owner)

    My name is Emily and I have 1 year old twin boys. I bought a used Tula locally and love it. I wanted to get a second Tula for back carries and for the hubby or grandma. Well this new one is now mine, I love it! It came really fast and was wrapped up extra special! I looked at a few sites since I had no loyalty as this was my first brand new purchase. I found the print I love here with Carry Me Away. Dinos! Its so cute for boys! And resale is great when we need to upgrade to toddler And they have accessories…bonus!! I honestly thought it would take awhile to ‘break it in’ but I love the brand new fit waaaay better. Something I didn’t expect but am very pleased with!
    My twins love their Tulas! They literally roll around the floor with them and carry them around. Sometimes it’s a big hint to mommy to go Up!
    THanks to Carry Me Away for providing a great experience with something so special to a Mama and her littles!

  81. crayonlrsc (verified owner)

    I got the VW busses. So stinkin’ cute. The Tula is constructed really well. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was the adjustment. The adjusters go the wrong direction. My ABC you pull up, like doing an arm curl. The Tula has to be adjusted by pulling behind you. If baby is on the back. So I need help from my husband or daughter to adjust it. I am also a fan of buckles on the sides vs stationary, so I can cross the straps when using a front carry.

    But, I think the carrier is fantastic and clearly Tula has a following for a good reason.

    I love the pouch for my debit card or phone.

    Carry me Away is fantastic to work with. I got my carrier in just 2 days during Christmas week.

  82. Ashton (verified owner)

    This is the only place I will purchase my tulas besides the actual Tula website! The customer service is excellent and when I ordered my standard Tula it was shipped as soon as I completed payment! I love everything about it and so does our six month old!

  83. Natalie faulk (verified owner)

    I couldnt make it through my day without my Tula. I use it every single time we are out of the house to carry my ten month old daughter and am then able to hold my four year old sons hand along with any other bag or thing I may need to carry. When shes teething and fussy my tula makes comforting her possible while also tending to the needs of the rest of my family and saving me backache from trying to carry her on my hip if I didnt have it. I bought an urbanista and love making accessories for it. It is one tula to rule them all ;). I love this store and their lay away program and am purchasing an avairy currently to give to my best friend from college. I will buy all my tulas from this store.

  84. Marisha Thompson (verified owner)

    Put a Tula on layaway and it was SO easy! Great customer service and when I paid the layaway off, I received it 2 days later. So happy and have recommended CMA to other’s! 🙂

  85. Ryanne Gray (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase from Carry Me Away, and I have to say, I adore this company!!
    They are prompt, helpful and offer a lot of information.
    As a local mama, I am able to use same day pickup and avoid a shipping fee. This is SUCH a fun little feature when you’re so excited to have your new purchase as quickly as possible.
    I purchased Equilateral Tula for my sister for her birthday, and working with Carry Me Away made it so easy to have her gift ordered and picked up with more than enough time to spare.
    I will absolutely be working with Carry Me Away for future baby wearing purchases and will absolutely utilize their Facebook page to have their helpful crew answer questions I have on my baby wearing journey.
    Thanks so much, Carry Me Away!

  86. Amanda

    I’m loving my Tula! We found an adorable gender neutral print in the open box and it was ready the very next day. I couldn’t be more pleased with the product or service.

  87. Emily (verified owner)

    Love it! I have back problems and my moby was killing me but my baby only naps well when I wear her. We love the Tula! Comfy for me and her, my back feels great.

  88. Benny Berdon (verified owner)

    First time tula wearer, and i love it!! My little 13th month old loves it, even my soon to be 3 year old loves it. Im so glad i purchased a tula. Its so comfy and adjustable it works great for us. I would give it a 10 star if i could!

  89. Jess (verified owner)

    I’m not sure where to begin with this baby carrier. I’ve tried multiple carriers with my two daughters and this far exceeds them all in regards to comfort, support, ease of use and style. I ordered it on a Thursday and received it 4 days later. It was the same day that my 9 month old went in for a small surgical procedure. To come home from the hospital and see my Tula baby carrier waiting for me was simple the best. I immediately put it on (after some adjustments) and snuggled my baby while she recovered. It brought her comfort to be that close to me and I as well. I honestly don’t go anywhere without this carrier. It’s my safety net! Whenever she gets fussy I put her in the carrier and she is instantly content. I can’t say enough about the great customer service of carry me away and the overall quality of the carrier.

  90. Krisney Rigney (verified owner)

    Love love love my grey chevron tula. I can’t believe I wasted time and money on other carriers. This was so worth the money. Extremely comfortable to wear. My baby loves it. And I’m hoping to wear her for quite some time!! Very fast shipping. Packaging perfect. Thank you!

  91. melody likins (verified owner)

    My carrier came very fast and was packaged very nicely. I loved the thank you card and free gift! Will be using carrymeaway again for all my future purchases. I love my tula so much!!

  92. Heather H

    I love my standard bliss Tula and so does my daughter! It’s great for traveling, shopping, walking, cleaning and everything else! Such a beautiful print too! Thank you for the quick shipping and extra sleepy dust!

  93. Ashley (verified owner)

    I purchased my first Tula for my second child because I hated the long piece of fabric of my Moby wrap. Can I just say…the Tula is AMAZING!! It’s SUPER easy to put on & comfortable to wear! I am a bigger Momma & it fits me great! Super comfortable to carry my little guy in! He loves it too!

  94. Leigh (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my Tula from Carry Me Away. Super comfortable to wear for long periods of time ad easy to use. Crazy fast shipping too.

  95. Kayla Willingham (verified owner)

    This was one of the best gifts I got. My son is 5 months and loves being held close. I have heard wonderful things about the Tula and they are all true. I have back and hip issues so carrying my little guy was getting hard but having the Tula makes it so comfortable. I love everything about it. Shipping was super fast! Thank you carry me away!

  96. Alyssa (verified owner)

    I purchased the coast prance as my first tula and I’m absolutely in love! The shipping was super fast and Laurel was so helpful with any questions I had 🙂

  97. Brandi Lear (verified owner)

    I have bought two tula from carry me away. Both are wonderful carriers and what I love even more is the wonderful service I received. The staff is very helpful, friendly and shipped my carriers super fast. Thank you!

  98. Chelsi Civitelli (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my Tula! I get so many compliments on the fun print, and it’s without a doubt the most comfortable carrier I have ever used. Carry Me Away was extremely helpful. I had a couple of questions on whether or not I should buy a Standard or a Toddler Tula, and when I emailed Carry Me Away with my questions, they got back to me within a few hours. Shipping was super fast too! I’ve completely stopped using a stroller with my son, that’s how much I love my Tula.

  99. Julie (verified owner)

    I love my Jet Tula! I was surprised by how fast Carry Me Away shipped this! It makes me want to continue to support small businesses like this because they care!

  100. Jenn (verified owner)

    This company is wonderful! So easy to order my Tula and it came right away! Love this company and this baby carrier!!

  101. SAMANTHA (verified owner)

    I ordered a standard tula is trendsetter coral, when my order arrived I was suprised when I opened the box to find a toddler sized tula in a different print. I contacted them IMMEDIATLY and Laurel was AMAZING!! They made an honest mistake and got mine and another customers orders mixed up. They shipped me the correct carrier that morning and shipping was super fast!

    We LOVE our carrier and will definitely be buying another one when they have another sale!

    Because of Carry Me Aways customer service alone I will be returning!

    Such an amazing company!

  102. Melinda W.

    I have owned several Tula’s throughout my babywearing journey. My niece is turning one and I couldn’t pass up an amazing Tula sale to share the babywearing love with my sister. Easy check out, fast shipping. I am very happy with my purchase and my sister and her daughter love their new Tula <3

  103. Havyn Hughes

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my experience with Carry Me Away! Fantastic customer service and super quick shipping, I will continue to order from here for all my babywearing and baby needs! 🙂

  104. Amanda (verified owner)

    We are really enjoying our new Tula! I love how easy it is to put on, and the support it offers. The print we got (Cacti) is even more beautiful in person and the quality is amazing. Customer service and shipping was great and I really appreciated the lay away option. Will be ordering again 🙂

  105. Nicole Rivera (verified owner)

    We recently purchased our first Tula carrier through Carry Me Away and I couldn’t be more happier! When I was first introduced to Tula and all its greatness I instantly knew that I wanted one but I also knew that I couldn’t afford the price all at once. So when I found out that Carry Me Away offered a layaway option I knew this would be the place where I would purchase our 1st Tula! The whole transaction from beginning to end was so easy! And once my final payment was made, my carrier arrived in my mailbox 2 days later!! I absolutely recommend Carry Me Away for all your baby wearing needs and more! I’m definitely a satisfied customer and will be coming back for more as I already have my eye on what will be our 2nd & 3rd Tula!!!

  106. Jessica (verified owner)

    On a whim I decided to buy a Tula because I was going to be going out of town the following weekend and didn’t want to have to drag the stroller with me. I was ready to checkout on the Tula site when I saw that they can take a few weeks to even ship. I googled the pattern I was looking for (Road Trip) and stumbled upon this website. I ordered late Friday afternoon and it was delivered on Monday. I couldn’t be happier and will recommend this site to others and use it in the future if I ever decide to buy another. It also came with a free gift- I chose the reusable bag in midnight/slate to match which I am using to store the Tula in and leave in the trunk of my car so it’s there if I ever randomly go somewhere and want to use it.

  107. Kailie

    My carrier came so quick and it’s perfect I love it!♡

  108. Brittany (verified owner)

    5 stars !!! I’m all the way in north carolina and I called one day at 5 pm my time and they were so sweet and easy to work with. I ordered a tula for a gift for a co worker and she loved it. I will always love tula ???

  109. Ashley

    My carrier is absolutely perfect! Shipping was super fast.

  110. Fiona (verified owner)

    I got the marigold standard, it’s absolutely beautiful! Packaged very nicely and with a sweet note. Shipping was crazy fast! Would recommend this shop and will definitely order from here again!

  111. Jean (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery! Nice design and baby likes to sleep in it alot!

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